Canada Court Rules Physicians May Euthanize Patients Where Death NOT Foreseeable! Need Your Help Now!


Letter from Canadian Physicians for Life:

Dear friends,

A group of medical professionals who are advisors to the Vulnerable Persons Standard ( have written an open letter to the Attorney General of Canada to appeal the recent Quebec Superior Court decision in Truchon & Gladu [this is about the Canadian Euthanasia Law].

That court decision struck down the end of life criterion in Canada's medical assistance in dying legislation. If left unchallenged, this decision removes the requirement that death be reasonably forseeable. We will move from MAiD to MAiK - medical assistance in killing.

This lower court ruling from a single judge, creates a significant shift that would reverberate throughout the medical profession and this country. There are far-reaching implications if this decision is not appealed - and the authors of this letter eloquently state their concerns.

As it stands, Prime Minister Trudeau said during the French TVA debates that he would not appeal the decision. It is important that this decision be appealed. Please consider signing this open letter to indicate your support and call for the Federal government to appeal this decision.

The decision to appeal must be taken by the government by October 11th. You can read the letter here: Letter from Physicians

To endorse this letter, please email with your name and qualifications/position and the municipality and province where you practice. Institutional affiliations provided for identification purposes only.

Please note: The letter will be shared publicly and released to the media. Endorsements must be submitted by October 9th.


Nicole Scheidl, LLM
Executive Director
Canadian Physicians for Life

P.S. Please feel free to circulate this letter widely with your colleagues.

[end of letter]

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