Fw: Bishop Strickland Receives 0% Support From All Other US Bishops When Asking Them To Enforce C. 915 Against Errant ‘Catholic’ Politicians. Crickets!

Elizabeth Wickham, PhD

Come Holy Spirit!

Dear friends of LifeTree,

The tea leaves do not bode well for the American Catholic bishops on other matters of life and death. How helpful have they been on EOL/euthanasia issues? Not very.

The USCCB failed to warn about threats at EOL posed by the newly certified field of palliative medicine. The objective is to flip traditional medical care to "comfort care only" using their palliative training on how to coax decision making. See http://www.lifetree.org/timeline for details relating to two definitive decades of the low profile wing's transformation of healthcare from traditional care to legalized death hastening in America.

Not to mention that in 2018 the Vatican launched a new project called PAL-Life to fund expansion of palliative medicine globally directed by the Pontifical Academy for Life and with firm support from the Secretariat of State and the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life. See the White Paper at http://www.academyforlife.va/content/pav/en/projects/pallife.html.

Did you know that two of George Soros' scholars are members of the Pontifical Academy for Life -- Drs. Kathy Foley and Dan Sulmasy? Dr. Foley was in charge of the Project on Death in America which was funded by Soros to fundamentally change healthcare in America by defining and certifying the new sub-specialty of palliative medicine. See David Clark's book TRANSFORMING THE CULTURE OF DYING: The Work of the Project on Death in America, Oxford University Press, 2013.

We pray for Divine Intervention.

Elizabeth Wickham, PhD (Betty)
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Raleigh, NC, 27619

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