PETITION: Tell The UN To Help Stop Abortion Of Down Syndrome Babies

This petition stands with the Down Syndrome Community, and those with other disabilities, AGAINST eugenic abortion.

Right now, around the world, people with Down Syndrome are being systematically targeted for elimination. Indeed, it would not be a stretch to call their destruction a form of 'genocide'.

If that sounds extreme to you, consider these facts: 92% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted in the US; 98% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted in Denmark; and, nearly 100% in Iceland.

It is what it is: an effort to deliberately target and wipe-out an entire group of people.

In a world which keeps telling us that we need to be more inclusive, this petition tells the UN to help stop eugenic abortion on the grounds of Down Syndrome or other hereditary genetic conditions.

We call on the UN's Office of the High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR) to pass resolutions to amend the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to expressly work to change the perception and laws in member countries on this issue.

In an inclusive society, disabled people should not be systematically targeted for abortion simply because they have a genetic condition which makes them different to the majority.

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