Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act(S311)

Pennsylvanians For Human Life

Tragically, on Feb. 25, 44 Democrat Senators blocked the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S. 311), which would protect babies born alive after a failed abortion attempt.

The vote was a “cloture” vote, requiring 60 votes to end debate and proceed with the bill. The Republican majority voted in favor of the bill, but the failure of the Democrat minority to support it caused the vote to fall short, with a final count of 53-44.

I am asking all of you to do two things:

1) Contact your U.S. senators to thank those who voted for this bill to advance, and express disappointment to those who opposed it, and

2) Alert everyone in your sphere of influence – family, friends, neighbors, social media contacts - about how your senators voted on this bill.

This legislation is crucial to protecting the lives of babies who survive a late-term abortion procedure.

To kill or neglect a born-alive infant is infanticide, pure and simple, and must be condemned. We must protect infants by law who survive the violence of abortion. Polls show that 77 percent of Americans support this legislation, so we will make every effort to educate them on the extreme position of senators who voted against this bill.

Meanwhile, over in the House of Representatives, the Democrats are in control and they have blocked consideration of the bill, despite Republican House members speaking in favor of the bill every day that Congress is in session. Polls show that 77 percent of Americans support protections for abortion survivors. The House is out of step with the nation. Early next month, Republicans will attempt to force a vote on the bill. I will keep you posted about that in a separate action alert.

Please click below to take action on this important measure.

Thank you for your help with this urgent matter. And please forward this to anyone on your e-mail list who may be interested -- and encourage them to do the same!


Pennsylvanians For Human Life

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