Pontifical Academy For Life Needs To Be Exposed!

Elizabeth (Betty) Wickham, PhD

Dear folks,

The Pontifical Academy for Life needs to be exposed! Keep your eye on what they say and do about palliative care and their stand on the Alfie Evans case will begin to make sense.

I remind you that the PAV sponsored a workshop in late February/early March with Soros Project on Death in America and World Health Organization leaders at the presenters table. The name for the conference was "Palliative Care: Everywhere and By Everyone." Videos of most of these presentations are available online.

A month later many of these presenters returned to the Vatican for the first meeting of the PAL-LIFE project which is a new PAV project to promote palliative care in all corners.

Is the PAV is working with thousands of other leaders of the Third Path Movement to form the healthcare model for end-of-life care in a one world marxist/socialist economy?

It might be of interest to learn that a grassroots corps of workers is being trained. One organization helping to educate the corps of community health workers is called Global Health Corps (GHC) whose president and co-founder is young Barbara Bush (daugher and granddaugher of a president.)

May God bless each of you.

We pray to the Holy Spirit and to St. Joseph,
Elizabeth (Betty) Wickham, PhD

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