Think Contraception Prevents Abortion? New Study Says, “You’re Wrong.”


[Note: See also actual British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) report, at:; see also their descriptions of various “contraceptives” and their “success rates”, at: :

No one wants to be suckered into believing the wrong thing. Yet many people (understandably) still confuse the term “contraception” with “conception”. A genuine “contraceptive” prevents fertilization, when a new sexually reproduced human being begins to exist. But as the article below explains, most contraceptives have poor “success rates” and actually are abortifacient (killing an already existing human embryo before or just after implantation, 5-7 days). “Conception” is unfortunately mis-defined in dozens of state laws, as well as federal government regulations, to mean “implantation” -- this is false human embryology, as the new human being has already existed for 5-7 days in the woman’s fallopian tube before trying to implant into her uterus. “Conception” refers to only one of two ways that new human beings can be reproduced. The term “conception” actually refers only to the sexual human reproduction of new human beings -- whether naturally in vivo within the woman’s body, or artificially in vitro outside the woman’s body in IVF/ART and similar research laboratories and “infertility clinics”. It does NOT refer to the a-sexual (without fertilization) reproduction of human beings -- whether those human beings are a-sexually reproduced in vivo through natural monozygotic (MZ) twinning (a natural form of cloning), or in vitro in IVF/ART and similar research laboratories and “infertility clinics”. Examples of a-sexual human reproduction include: many different kinds of human cloning (especially those using the already existing human embryo sexually reproduced at Carnegie Stage 1 a and b), many different kinds of genetic engineering, use of genetically engineered “pluripotent” stem cells, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, gene splicing (e.g., CRISPR), etc. Our young women should be well-advised of all the above in order to give ethically and legally valid “informed consent”, and to prevent them from being suckers too.. -- DNI]

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