Two Weeks From Tomorrow ...

Eric Scheidler

Dear Jerry,

Mark your calendar!

The 5th annual National Day of Remembrance for Abortion Children is
coming up 2 weeks from tomorrow on Saturday, September 9.

With over 160 locations throughout the United States -- including 45
burial places of aborted children -- there't likely to be a Day of
Remembrance prayer service near you. Check the list:

This national day of prayer and mourning is unlike any other pro-life
event. It's not a protest or rally. It doesn't take place at an
abortion facility or government office.

On this special day, we visit the burial places of aborted children
and other memorials put up in their honor, and we solemnly pray for God
to heal the deep wounds of abortion in our society.

Taking part in the Day of Remembrance has brought great comfort to so
many, especially those who have had some personal involvement in

"Blessed are they who mourn," our Lord promised, "for they will be

Come out on Saturday, September 9, and rediscover the meaning of this
promise from our merciful Savior.

Yours for Life,

-- Eric

Eric Scheidler
Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

Tel: 630-896-1200
Pro-Life Action League
6160 N Cicero Ave, Ste 600
Chicago, IL 60646, USA

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