International Reaction To ALL Black Lives Matter

C. Fletcher Armstrong, PhD

Dear Jerry,

The following is written by longtime CBR volunteer Patti Shanley of Raleigh, NC.

The international population at Purdue is one of the largest at any university in this country. The students who saw GAP will return home with more than a degree.

Sad Song. Song, from China, struggled to put into English her reaction to the horrifying pictures of tiny, aborted babies.
"Is real?" she wanted to know. She knew about forced abortion in her homeland, but this was the first time she had actually seen abortion. She experienced that crucial moment of cognitive dissonance when truth shatters through a long-held belief. With her head shaking, fighting back tears, all she could say was "No! No! No!"

Unimaginable and unbelievable. "This is not legal in this country, yes?" Two international students were having a hard time believing abortion is available on demand, without any reason. He could only stare, and she was almost in tears. I explained the importance of graphic images in reform movements, and that we want people to see the horror of abortion so they will never accept injustice as a choice. The students had heard of forced abortions in their own country, but could not imagine voluntary abortions. When I told them there were about 3,300 each day, the young woman cried out in disbelief.

Disgusting. Reactions from other international students were similar, and after three days at Purdue, it was painfully clear that this country is in trouble. Although students from other countries were shocked and disgusted at seeing the truth, American students and faculty called us "disgusting" for showing the truth. They tried to defend decapitating and dismembering tiny, innocent human beings. "You people are disgusting," one faculty member hissed as she walked by. No, abortion is disgusting.

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"There is no other group that fights the pro-life battle as boldly, as directly, or as courageously as CBR does."
(Anne Mulrooney, President, U of Buffalo Students for Life)

Your friend for Life,

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