Please Join Our Pro-life Prayer Team

Joanna Keilson

Hello Jerry,

We are so very thankful for your support of our work at CBR and we want to let you know about a focused prayer initiative. As you know, abortion is a huge stronghold in our country and in the church, and the enemy will not let go without a fight. Whether we fully understand how the Lord uses our prayers or not, we must trust He does and heed His clear instruction to pray. We are encouraged to see the Lord working and things changing, but the battle continues.

If you have been praying, we thank you and want to invite you to pray with us in a more specific and intentional way. If you have not been but would like to start praying consistently for our work, now is the perfect time.

Become a prayer partner:

1. Pray weekly: Pray for the weekly prayer focus and brief updated requests you receive via email.

2. Pray before battle: Prior to a CBR outreach event, plan to meet together to pray in person or virtually.

3. Pray during battle: Sign up for a designated time slot to pray during CBR outreach event.

Additionally, we are looking for prayer team captains to lead or be an advocate at local prayer groups and share the emailed prayer requests with their groups, and also meet locally or virtually to pray before GAP events.

This is a spiritual battle, and prayer is paramount. If you feel afraid or weak or unable, don't let that stop you. He is the one who calls, and He is the one who enables. We can only begin from where we are, ask God to help us, and take the next step in faith.

If you would like to be a prayer supporter in this way, please reply to this email so we can add you to the team.

On behalf of CBR and those for whom we speak, thank you.

For life,

Joanna Keilson
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Project Director

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