Urgent Plea! Pray For Freddie Lempe In WakeMed (Raleigh, NC)

Debbie Knight

"WakeMed has filed court papers again trying to acquire guardianship rights over Freddie. Court date is July 20, 2017, @ 2:00 pm. We do not have a lot of time to prepare for the case. WakeMed’s full intent is taking Dads parental rights away because they want Freddie out of their hospital bed to make more money. Freddie is SSI and a Medicaid patient. So WakeMed is not making as much money on that bed as they would if they had a new patient in that bed every 2 to 3 days. Freddie is in the Step Down Unit in 5A. He has resided there for 6 years since he was a victim in a car accident, March 6, 2011. He was a passenger, thrown out of a car and had severe brain and spinal cord injuries. WakeMed saved his life; Freddie was receiving acute trauma treatments, therapies, etc. But he got pneumonia in the right lung and then left lung. Around this time WakeMed took Dad to court for guardianship and Dad won the case. However, WakeMed took a stand and said: “We are not treating Freddie anymore, we have changed his acute status to supportive care only, and if Freddie gets an infection we will treat it with antibiotics”. Did WakeMed give up on Freddie because of his insurance or lack of insurance? WakeMed fully expected Freddie would die after withdrawing all treatments. But Freddie is alive 6 years later. WakeMed, in fact, stopped all treatments and therapies such as bronch-washes, physical therapy, stimulant medication, pulmonary treatments plus more and put Freddie on sedative medication and nutrition only. WakeMed has robbed Freddie of a much healthier quality of life. Freddie has laid in a hospital bed 6 years only becoming weaker and his life is in danger because he is on the ventilator. Dad’s biggest fear is Freddie will get a bacterial infection from the vent and it will kill him. Freddie, June 2017, did get pneumonia in his right lung and was treated and he is stable and doing better at this time. Let me note WakeMed didn’t do any follow up chest x-rays to see if Pneumonia was gone. We can only assume it is gone since they took Freddie off antibiotics, fluids, etc.

WakeMed wants Dad to bring Freddie home. Dad refuses because Freddie will not have the 24-hour acute nursing care Freddie needs. Freddie gets Respiratory Treatments every 4 hours and his breathing, blood pressure; stats are monitored every minute by board certified nurses. WakeMed did search state wide and then expanded it across the eastern United States for a facility to put Freddie in but was unsuccessful in their search. There aren’t any facilities out there that can treat an acute long term ventilator dependent with spinal cord injury patient. Freddie is not brain dead, comatose, paralyzed or a vegetable. He is alive, alert, and awake. He is strong health wise; he’s a warrior and fighter. God has sustained his life this long for a mighty purpose!

We need support that Freddie’s Dad’s rights aren’t taken away and it would be a blessing if there was a ventilator facility that could wean Freddie off the vent. Freddie’s journey with WakeMed is a disgrace to healthcare in U.S. Regardless of insurance, healthcare policies, restraints etc. this young man deserves the right to get healthier and not have his life taken away from him by a hospital, judge, guardian, etc. If WakeMed is successful at this, the replacement guardian will not take Freddie home.... This Is a Back Door carefully maneuver to Pulling the Plug On Freddie.

It Should Only be, that God chooses the time in which one parts from earth to join him in heaven.

Thank you for your Prayer and Support!

If you can help, please go to www.Pray4Freddie.org.

Sincerely Debbie Knight

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