Pro-abortion Politicians Mislead Women

Lila Rose

Hi, Jerry,

I am emailing you because there is a new video we just released this morning that you need to see.

It seems like pro-abortion politicians in Washington will stop at nothing to divert taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood - and that includes misleading the American people.

As you saw in our investigation back in January, Planned Parenthood says prenatal care is a major reason why it should continue receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding. But when Live Action investigators contacted 97 Planned Parenthood facilities to check its claim, 92 centers turned away our pregnant moms seeking prenatal care.

Despite this evidence, Planned Parenthood's political allies have repeated this prenatal care myth to convince us that the abortion giant deserves our financial support.

Live Action released a video this morning highlighting politicians spreading Planned Parenthood's prenatal care talking points - and then we debunked them using Planned Parenthood’s own words.

Frankly, I'm not shocked by this - this isn't the first time Planned Parenthood and its allies have blatantly distorted the facts to protect its image.

With Congress considering legislation to defund Planned Parenthood possibly any day now, it’s critical we reach as many Americans as possible with the truth – it could be the difference in winning or losing this fight.

Jerry, please take a few moments to watch and share this video with your friends:

For your friends who aren’t on Facebook, email them this link:

Like I mentioned, Congress could take up legislation to defund Planned Parenthood at any moment. So, after you watch the video and have shared it on Facebook, please consider contacting your representative and senators and urge them to defund Planned Parenthood NOW.

You can do this by clicking this link below that allows you to email or call them directly (I've also included a suggested email and talking points):

Jerry, time is running out for Congress to use budget reconciliation to defund Planned Parenthood – we need to expose this video to as many Americans as we can and put pressure on Congress to act immediately.

Thank you for all you do to defend preborn children.

- Lila

Lila Rose
Founder and President

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