Will You Stand With Us?

Ardee Coolidge

Hi Jerome ,

Historical trends indicate that approximately one million women babies will be aborted this year. Every time I think about that statistic, my head spins. Each of these abortion decisions began when a woman and man first learned about their unplanned or unexpectedly complicated pregnancy.

I wonder, how would things have turned out if there were someone speaking life into their circumstances. What if someone could have walked with them in their time of difficulty to help them make a life affirming choice?

Am I prepared to be that someone? Are you? What will you say when a friend says that they are facing an unplanned pregnancy?

To help you, Care Net created an eBook, Ten Things Not To Do When a Woman Says She Wants an Abortion. Using the knowledge learned from over forty years of serving hundreds of thousands of women in thousands of pregnancy centers nationwide, the authors outline 10 common mistakes to avoid.

We can't be unprepared; the stakes are too high. I want you to have a free copy of Ten Things. I hope that it will help you engage those you encounter this new year with the marvelous message of abundant life.

You can download it here: http://www.care-net.org/hs-fs/hub/367552/file-2225473183-pdf/Downloads/10_Things_Not_To_Do.pdf

Often, women in these circumstances need just one person willing to do the hard thing of loving them through their circumstances. I pray we will be such people.



Ardee Coolidge (acoolidge@care-net.org)


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