Pro-Abortion Protesters Perpetuate Rape Culture At UNC

C. Fletcher Armstrong, PhD

Dear Jerry,

Pro-aborts routinely cheapen sex, devalue woman, disregard human life, and lower the human species to the level of animals enslaved to sexual urges. These are all facets of the free-sex and abortion-on-demand worldview.

We hear bits and pieces of this worldview all the time, often in the form of unstated assumptions (e.g., sex is a right), but sometimes, all of the parts coalesce, creating a stark and grotesque display.

Until the end of the second day of our recent trip to UNC Chapel Hill, the protesters had been rather docile. But now more of them gathered and threw something of a party as we were packing up to leave. They brought out stereo speakers and blasted loud music.

The music was okay at first, mostly about partying and having fun. But as we continued, things took a decidedly darker and more pornographic turn. As the speakers blasted "f*** you, b****" over and over, the protesters, most of them women, danced to the beat.

So much for affirming and respecting women.

But it got worse. One of the songs, which could only be described as 100% pornographic, described sex acts to a pulsating beat.

With the audio-porn, girls with open shirts exposed their bras and revealed vulgar body-painted messages. Free condoms and lubricant were practically thrown at passersby. The protesters shouted things like "Get lit for lube!" and "Take a condom and call me if you're cute!"

At a very basic level, all of this whips people up into a sexual frenzy, which affects both men and women. Men (or, more precisely, males) want to cash in on the implied promises. Women want to be the object of desire, like their fellow co-eds going shirtless at the protest.

Combine this with alcohol, which is not in short supply on campus, and you have created a sexual predator's paradise.

Because if you argue that people can't control their sexual urges, and if you seriously justify killing human beings to preserve the "right" to sex without responsibility, and if you whip people into a sexual frenzy, how much of a leap is it for an inebriated sexual predator to take advantage of a drunken coed?

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"There is no other group that fights the pro-life battle as boldly, as directly, or as courageously as CBR does." (Anne Mulrooney, President, U at Buffalo Students for Life)

Your friend for Life,

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"I have set before you life and death,
the blessing and the curse.
So choose life in order that you may live,
you and your descendants." – Deut. 30:19 (NASB)

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