The Coming Population Implosion


The advent of AIDS is nature's invitation to the human species to blow the whistle on excessive sexual aberrations. As things stand now, AIDS is always fatal, and no cure nor vaccine is on the horizon. Nature selects for destruction and extinction chiefly the unchaste. Insensitive to our cries for compassion, nature grimly puts to death individuals and populations who dare to ignore her commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

Nature's wrath against active sodomists is reflected in mortality statistics. The median age at death calculated from obituaries in U.S. homosexual journals is a young 42 years; 39 if they died of AIDS. Whereas that of the general population of married men is 75. "Homosexuals rode into the dawn of sexual freedom and returned with a plague that gives every indication of destroying most of them" (Dr. Paul Cameron, "Medical Consequences" reprint, Family Research Report, 1992).

Once the HIV virus attacks even a single person in a sodomist network, it spreads like a prairie fire fanned by prodigious multiple-partner contacts. The New England Medical Journal (1980: 302: 435-438) carried a report of gays averaging 110 sex partners a year. Other studies recorded a decrease of sex partners, from 70 to 50, and from 76 to 47 per year (see Cameron ibid.), following the discovery of AIDS. However, when a homosexual has intercourse with another, he has intercourse with every other person with whom his partner has been in sexual contact. The odds in favor of escaping AIDS when following this lifestyle are limited.

The doubling interval of AIDS infections in the USA lengthened gradually after the highest risk populations-the homosexually active and the needle sharers-approached the saturation point. What experts fear now is an eventual escape of the virus out of the sodomist and needle-sharing ghettoes into the general heterosexual population. In the USA that may not be today or tomorrow. There is still time to circle the wagons. Dr. Gerald Myers, expert on HIV mutations, observes that of the five major subtypes of HIV- 1 (A, B, C, D, & E), the United States has only one form, subtype B, which is comparatively less transmissible heterosexually. "But this situation is likely to change as new strains of HIV develop in the U.S. or are carried in from elsewhere" (Cameron, citing Dr. Gerald Myers, in Family Research Report,September-October 1993, p. 8). Not only are HIV viruses mutating constantly within the bounds of the USA; international travel also threatens to spread a type which is in one nation today into much of Village Earth tomorrow.

Africa primarily has subtypes A,C, and D, which spread more easily through heterosexual contact than the U.S. prevalent subtype B; Thailand has subtypes B and E. Because sex tourists are aware of the rapid spread of the virus among the Thai prostitutes, children, prized as HIV virgins, are the present gold mine for a shameful trade (see Reader's Digest,"Asia's Shameful Trade," October 1993). Free of infection today, they will likely be infected tomorrow, and die young.

Planned Parenthood is expending enormous efforts and funds around the globe to pedal condoms and Pills and to sing about a Sex Utopia. Now, of a sudden, AIDS stands astride their path, like the angel who, with drawn sword, blocked the path of the donkey on which Balaam was riding toward his rendezvous with King Balak, in order to mouth a prophecy for money (see Num. 22). In the end, Balaam returned ingloriously and without pay, because the Lord made him prophesy truth, not falsehood. In the end, too, PP will have to beat a despicable retreat from areas where AIDS, facilitated by other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, bursts the balloon of their Sex Utopia. The youth who follow the piper march into the oblivion of early death; those who fall out of the column before it is too late will be the survivors, to live not in a Utopia but in the realistic society which keeps the ten commandments.

Our human race is negotiating the transition from tribal taboos and iron-bound traditional village mores, into apparently unbounded freedoms of urban life in an unaccustomed technological milieu. While escaping from the cocoon of the taboo-enforced ancient structure, youth is tempted to shuck the ten commandments as well. And free sex makes its siren call heard first and compellingly. But nature has always hedged in sexual permissiveness with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which traditionally sifted populations in the ancient cultures, selecting as a mainstream of survivors the more disciplined sectors of populations. Recently prompt medical treatment reduces the fatality and chronic effects caused by STD's especially in the highly developed countries, abetting the illusion that the race can now have it both ways: free sex and survival. Then came AIDS.

STDs are now nearly as common as malaria: more than 250 million people are newly infected from STDs each year. Worldwide, in 1990, Trichomoniasis newly infected 120 million, Genital Chlamydia over 50 million, Genital Papillornavirus 30 million, Gonorrhea over 25 million, Genital Herpes over 20 million, Syphilis and Chancroid each several million; an average of 685,000 are struck by one of these sexually transmitted diseases daily, and an average of 10 percent of the reproductive-sage adults are infected with an STD each year (see Population ReportsJune 1993). And infection by these diseases is a broad highway to infection with the HIV virus especially via open lesions and ulcers.


"One of the remarkable properties of the natural institution of the family," writes pediatrician and former public health official Herbert Ratner, "is that it protects society against epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the latest and most lethal of which is AIDS. It accomplishes this by making sex intrinsic to and limited to marriage. The reason is clear. Epidemics of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases have their genesis in multiple sex partners" (Child and Family,20:181). Dr. Ratner, editor of the same quarterly journal, reasons consequently that even if AIDS or any other sexually transmitted microorganism were to develop de novo,it would be limited to the couple in which it started, and die out again with them provided everyone would practice pre-marital chastity, and post-marital monogamy. "Nature's script, in effect, becomes the prescription protecting man and woman from epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases" (ibid.: 182).

This experienced former public health official makes the remarkable statement that "AIDS is the most threatening infectious disease that man has ever encountered. It is even questioned whether the human species will survive its insidious onslaught. " He observes that both primitive and later societies in which monogamy was the norm have been notably free of sexually transmitted diseases; whereas in societies in which sexual morals became lax, where multiple sex partners were commonplace, there "perversions prevailed, sexually transmitted diseases were common, an anti-child mentality developed, and the family as a functioning unit broke down" (p. 182).

And such is the condition into which modem society has allowed itself to drift, continues Dr. Ratner. "Society is presently characterized by infidelity to family, country and religion, dissension between man and woman, single parent and broken homes, insecure childhood carried over to insecure adulthood, sex without norms, rampant sexually transmitted disease including an unusual increase of new ones, a sharp increase in the incidence of sterility, seemingly uncontrollable drug misuse, and a growing disregard of the value of life as seen in abortions on demand and in the promotion of infant and adult euthanasia under the principle that some people are better off dead" (p. 182). When the mores of the race had deteriorated to this extent in recent years, he continues, nature "has apparently thrown down the gauntlet with AIDS. It is as if nature is saying: 'You have misbehaved long enough; get back to abstinence and monogamy or perish"'(p. 184).

Knowing Doctor Ratner for many years, I venture to say that he is not ready to agree with those who question whether the race will survive the onslaught of this disease, which so far is proving fatal to every single carrier without exception, once he or she is infected with the HIV virus. Survive we must, and survive we will in those family lines who are chaste.

Demographer Corrado Gini, taking a bird's eye view of human history, observed that numerous nations have, in the past, gone into decline or complete extinction, despite the fact that natural resources were plentiful to them. He theorized that biological factors were operating effectively in the process: when a critical mass of a population lost interest in reproduction, or lost powers of fertility, other signs of physical decay appeared with successive generations, and eventually the population moved off the stage of continuing human history (Harris Lectures, 1929; Univ. of Chicago Press, 1930).

The Bible may be reporting about an infection by a fatal venereal disease in the convoluted passage of Num. 25:1-8 and related excerpts. Scheming King Balak had first tried to defeat the advancing Israelites by fixing a curse on them; he bribed the pagan prophet Balaam. to curse the Israelites and so to conquer them; but the scheme not only failed: it backfired. Under God's influence, Balaam blessed Israel, foretold their glorious future, and the coming of the Messiah-all chanted in poetry of great beauty. A fuming but powerless King Balak berated the prophet and told him he would get no pay whatsoever for this kind of response.

It appears that the wily King Balak then resorted to a below-the-belt approach not unknown to military strategists: he confronted Israelite men with whores instead of soldiers. (It is said that war lords in Japan were not always above using this type of military strategy in the past: a besieged city or territory would send whores out to the enemy soldiers, who infected them with venereal diseases and so weakened them to such an extent that they eventually became easy prey for conquest.)

In Numbers 25, while Israel was camped east of the Jordan in Shittim, waiting to cross the river to take control of the Promised Land, the men began to indulge in sexual immorality with Moabite and Midianite women; these women, likely under instructions from King Balak (see Num. 31:15), then seduced the victimized Israelite men to sacrifice to false gods, probably in a cultic worship associated with prostitution. Now King Balak's scheme took effect with a vengeance: 24,000 men died in a plague.

To stop it all, God ordered Moses to "take all the leaders of these people, kill them and expose them in broad daylight before the Lord, so that the Lord's fierce anger may turn away from Israel" (Num. 25:4). We are not told whether Moses carried out the command. While the whole assembly was together, a brazen Israelite rebel, in the sight of the assembly, contemptuously led a Midianite woman into his tent. That was too much for the faithful priest Phinehas: "He left the assembly, took a spear in his hand and followed the Israelite into the tent. He drove the spear through both of them-through the Israelite and into the woman's body" (25:8). With barbed succinctness the Bible then announces the result: "Then the plague against the Israelites was stopped; but those who had died of the plague numbered 24,000" (25:9).

We are probably not wrong to read between the lines (see also Num. 31:17) that this was an epidemic of a venereal disease, fatal to the Israelites who had not yet developed immunity as their enemies had already done; that the Israelites might even have been wiped out into complete extinction by the disease if Moses and Phinehas had not acted with determination: had they not, under God's inspiration, stopped the sexual immorality and associated idolatry of their people by the draconian measures mentioned in this dramatic biblical episode.


Among genital sexual practices, the receptive partner in anal intercourse is by far at the greatest risk of acquiring an HIV infection. This is true whether the receptive partner is male or female. It accounts for most HIV infections in the United States. Other genital sex practices which transfer HIV infected semen into another's body also contribute to the number of cases. The secondary spread of HIV through blood contact, e.g. through shared infected needles among drug users or vertically from mothers to unborn children, does not lessen the fundamental role(emphasis mine) of genital sex, particularly anal intercourse, in the genesis and maintenance of the AIDS epidemic (Dr. Ratner, Semen and AIDS, 170).

Former Public Health Official Ratner presents four types of mechanism by which anal intercourse tends to abet the spread of AIDS: 1) Trauma in the delicate and vulnerable rectal tissue by reason of which HIV gets directly into the bloodstream of the recipient of semen. 2) The special affinity between HIV and the colorectal cells. 3) The comparatively rapid absorption of components of seminal plasma by the colorectal walls in contrast to the slow and modulated absorption of the vaginal wall. 4) The seminal plasma's enhancement of viral attack.

The fourth factor is especially significant, insofar as "the danger of semen introduced into the rectum, even in tiny amounts, is its powerful pathological ability to produce, maintain, and increase an immunodeficiency state in the recipient. In an HIV infected person this immunodeficiency state becomes a co-factor causing immune disfunction independent of the presence of HIV. This may explain the newly discovered, puzzling cases of AIDS in the absence of HIV' (ibid.: 17 1). In other words, semen in the rectum causes a malfunction of the body's immunity defenses in a manner parallel to and independent of the HIV virus. The United States Public Health Services therefore warned, in a public statement (February 16, 1988) that anal intercourse should be avoided for health reasons:

Because of the association between anal intercourse and transmission of the AIDS virus, this sexual practice must be considered extremely risky with or without a condom for either heterosexual or homosexual partners where one person may already be infected... The most effective way to reduce risk is to avoid this practice altogether (Quoted in Ratner, ibid.: 17 1).

But Doctor Ratner thinks the warning does not do full justice to the lethal effects to which anal intercourse tends to lead. Seminal plasma, he states, acts as a powerful immune suppressant and so weakens the body's defenses against all infections; it therefore facilitates HIV infections, and may accelerate the progress of various diseases spawned in a situation of HIV induced immunodeficiency, and so accelerate the dizzying downward spiral into the inevitable crash of the terminal AIDS finale. Nature is poised like a vulture over practitioners of anal intercourse, to rid the earth of the practice.


If the question is asked whether the promotion of the use of condoms serves to prevent AIDS, or to boost AIDS, the answer is likely to be: it may brake its spread in the short run, but accelerates its spread in the long run.

If condoms are recommended to people who already are promiscuous, then, Yes, condoms may decelerate the spread of AIDS among such a population, but not for long. "An overall estimate can be drawn from a recent analysis for the World Health Organization (WHO), combining data from nine published studies. This analysis found that condom users face a risk about two thirds that of non users of developing gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, or chlamydial infection. Condoms offer less protection against STDs, such as herpes simplex, that can cause lesions in places not covered by condoms. ... Combining data from 10 studies of HIV transmission, the same analysis found a relative risk of about 0.4 for condom users - less than half as great a risk as for non users. Just as in family planning studies, many of the participants in these studies did not use the condom consistently or, in some cases, correctly" (Population Reports, Series H, No. 8, Sept. 1990). The figures of this WHO study provide small comfort: if condom usage prevents infection only sixty percent compared with non-usage, then it is but a matter of time and multiple intercourses until all condom users--one hundred percent-are infected. It is like putting only four bullets into the Russian roulette pistol with ten receptors, and then pointing the pistol to one's brain and pulling the trigger continuously until death strikes.

But in the long run promotion of condom usage will only abet and increase the spread of AIDS around the globe, and this for two reasons: 1) promotion of the condom by those in authority -- school teachers, health workers, government agents -- tends to increase sexual promiscuity in a population which is not promiscuous, and that includes the majority of adolescents in the world before they achieve sexual maturity. Adolescents are not yet promiscuous during sexual latency. But when those in authority mis-educate them to use the condom, and so break down the natural and cultural barriers against use of sex before marriage, juvenile promiscuity tends to increase geometrically and to completely overwhelm the weak braking action of condoms against AIDS infection. 2) promotion of the condom and its increased usage induces a false sense of security and pseudo-responsibility, which again tends to multiply sexual encounters beyond the rate it would have been in the absence of condom promotion.

Those who stress condom usage only put the seal of approval on active genital sex... The advocates of the condom seduce our young people into deep waters from which they seldom emerge. Its intensive promotion does more to arouse and stimulate the imagination and encourage genital sex among the young than to curb unprotected sex among the promiscuous (Ratner, Child and Family, 20:85).

Dispensing condoms from the school will eliminate many of the reasons for teenage restraint and confuse the vital moral message about morality. Distributing condoms in school will therefore cause more teenage promiscuity and more STDs, not fewer,including AIDS. "Distribute condoms in school, and you weaken reasons for kids not to have sex" writes Dr. Paul Cameron, a professional researcher of the spread of AIDS (Family Research Report,March-April 1992).

Fingers will be pointed in the future at those who seduced our youth today by dispensing condoms in schools to the children. As of now, the prevalent HIV virus in the USA is the type which spreads more easily through sodomitic intercourse among homosexual practitioners, than the African types which spread through heterosexual intercourse. For example, in Washington D.C., seventy-nine percent of the AIDS cases were among the homosexuals; by 1991 about 5500 homosexuals had been infected and 1705 had died (Cameron, FRR,November-December 1992). Read: the ghetto of sodomites is going into extinction, and that could lead to the extinction of AIDS.

However, because Planned Parenthood and like-minded promoters of condom usage among school children instigate heterosexual promiscuity among the boys and girls attending schools, a shadow of death already menaces the gates of our schools: the next wave of a mutated HIV virus which spreads easily by heterosexual contact may strike our schools like the atom bombs which devastated Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It will be small comfort for survivors to point fingers at that time and say: "I told you so!" The time to check promotion of condoms in schools, and so to prevent massive death of our youth from AIDS in the future, is now.The time to circle the wagons in parishes, schools, towns and cities is now.

If worse comes to worse-if the HIV subtypes which spread via heterosexual intercourse infect our youth in schools where sex education now promotes promiscuity-we will face a situation not unlike that of the apocalyptic black death which devastated Europe and re-wrote its history in the 14th century. "The number of deaths was enormous, reaching in various parts of Europe two thirds or three-fourths of the population" ("Plague,"Encyclopedia Britannica). What happens now in some villages of Uganda, would become commonplace in cities and towns of the USA where youth has become promiscuous, thanks to sex mis-education. The promotion of condoms would perhaps decelerate the first great assault of the epidemic, but only serve to generate total destructive power in the end.

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