Pill and Divorce Connection

Anthony Zimmerman
Homiletic and Pastoral Review
January 1989
Reproduced with Permission

Editor: Dr. Wenzke (HPR, June 1988) expresses the opinion that the most significant cause of divorce is sexual sins, especially contraception. Well said! We should make this message known to troubled partners before it is too late.

Not personality disorders, then, but moral disorders detonated the divorce explosion. Stop sinning, then you can stop the running roller-coaster of divorce. Continue the sinning, and divorce statistics will continue to gyrate wildly, making mincemeat of family life.

In 1960, before the Pill, the USA had 393,000 divorces. In 1961 Searle put Enovid on the market. In that first year of the Pill there were 414,000 divorces. In 1970 there were 708,000; from 1975 there were 1,000,000+ annually. Pills arc married to divorce.

Contraception is not an act of love of mutual giving. It stage-acts love, but does not exercise it. And couples, weary of stage-acting, and opt out.

Dr. Wenzke says very truly that sin, rather than psychic disorders, spawn divorce. The cure is conversion, with the help of the sacraments. Priests can help partners through their troubles with the help of doctrine and the sacraments.

Priests should wrest their business back from the lawyers and psychiatrists.