Radiant Beams from the Gospel of Life

Anthony Zimmerman
Reproduced with Permission

The author comments on issues connected with the Encyclical issued on March 25, 1995, The Gospel of Life. We share in the splendor of God's own life, a hope and a mystery; the culture of death is taken to task for its serious mistaken myths and assumptions. The world has a great future if we live with the truth, with love and with nature. The book has not been published except on the Internet.


Chapter 1: Radiant Beams from The Gospel of Life

Chapter 2: God Is Self-Subsistent Life
Chapter 3: The Contraception-Abortion Duo
Chapter 4: Natural Methods of Regulating Fertility
Chapter 5: Natural Family Planning Today
Chapter 6: When Does God Create a Person?
Chapter 7: Overpopulation and Natural Family Planning
Chapter 8: Teaching NFP in Calcutta
Chapter 9: The Life Explosion
Chapter 10: Future World Population

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