Human Life Education

Anthony Zimmerman
General Editor:
Fr. Anthony Zimmerman STD
For University, College, and High School students
and for Young Married Couples
Reproduced with Permission

Foreward By the Editor

You will notice that most of the authors of the articles herein are older people. Their experience is immensely wide. They are honest, and don't depend on income from glitzy commercials.

Let real mothers tell you how motherhood feels; let doctors share with you lots of wisdom garnered in the clinic; let teachers relate how things are not now what they were before.

These people, who were not born yesterday, share with you distilled, concentrated, sometimes brilliant wisdom. Learn from them. Save yourself lots of trouble, avoid common mistakes, aim your arrows straight for the target. As Doctor Ratner writes in his pages, quoting Kierkegaard: "The trouble with life is that we understand it backwards but have to live it forwards."

We've been there, we've seen it, let us tell you about it.



Chapter 1: Man and Woman by A. Zimmerman

Chapter 2: Speaking skills, male and female by Beverley Mead

Chapter 3: Sex Education Is Largely Non-Verbal by Jack and Barbara Willke

Chapter 4: Reproduction vs. procreation by A. Zimmerman

Chapter 5: Holy marriage of Adam and Eve by A. Zimmerman

Chapter 6: Teaching Teen Chastity by Kippley; Schroedel

Chapter 7: Chaste generation with glory by A. Zimmerman

Chapter 8: NFP and Families by Marx, Helen, George & Sylvia

Chapter 9: Motherhood is golden by Erica John

Chapter 10: Dating - serial marriage by Connie Marshner

Chapter 11: NFP for adolescents? by Zimmerman, Koob & Malona

Chapter 12: Doctor Ogino' discovery by A. Zimmerman

Chapter 13: Ovulation - once per cycle by Rudolf Vollman

Chapter 14: How child learns from mother by Herbert Ratner

Chapter 15: Cooperate with nature by Herbert Ratner

Chapter 16: A doctor's advice for family life by Robert Jackson

Chapter 17: Japan's ban of the pill by Lloyd Duplantis

About the Editor

Father Anthony Zimmerman, STD, came to Japan as a Catholic missionary fifty years ago. He is a retired Professor of Moral Theology at Nanzan University, Nagoya, and frequently contributes to journals and publications on religious subjects and pro-life issues.

He is a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, and other academic groups.

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