My Top Ten Books for 2020

Ronald Rolheiser
December 28, 2020
Reproduced with Permission

When St. Augustine said that "concerning taste there can be no dispute", he was only partially right. Admittedly, taste always has a subjective aspect; but there's always an objective component as well: objectively, a cheap soda is not a fine wine, millions of musical compositions are not Mozart, and the picture that your kindergarten child drew for your birthday is not a Van Gogh.

With that being said as an apologia, I admit that my selection of these ten books has a strongly subjective factor. These are simply the books that spoke most deeply to me this past year. Perhaps they won't do the same for you. Nonetheless, I assure you that none of them is a cheap soda or a crayon picture a child drew for your birthday.

Which ten books spoke to me most deeply this past year?

Beyond these ten books, I also highly recommend Pope Francis' new Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti.

These are the ten books that spoke deeply to me this year. I can't guarantee they will do that for you. But I can guarantee that none of them is a cheap soda!