Contemplative Sound Bytes

Ronald Rolheiser
Willimantic, Ct.
June 23, 2013.
Reproduced with Permission

Recently I attended an Institute on contemplative awareness at which James Finley was the keynote-speaker. He brings some pedigree to the task. He has nearly forty years of experience as a therapist, is a much sought-after lecturer, has written extensively and deeply on the subject of contemplation, and, as a young man, for several years, had Thomas Merton as his spiritual director and mentor. He knows of what he speaks.

I would like to share some of his insights with you by way of a collage of sound bytes, each of which has a certain "stand-alone" quality; but, when taken together, also shed some light on the nature of God, on the nature of contemplation, and on our struggles with both faith and contemplation.

Here are some of Finley's perspectives:

And not least: