Naming the Present Moment - Some Metaphors to Digest

Ronald Rolheiser
May 23, 2022
Reproduced with Permission

Not everything can be fixed or cured, but it should be named properly. Richard Rohr said. James Hillman suggests something similar when he wrote that a symptom suffers most when it doesn't know where it belongs.

Where does our present moment belong vis-a-vis our faith in God and the relevance of our churches? Are we post-Christian? Are we witnessing the death of God and our churches? Or, is our faith being purified by the very criticisms levelled against it and, despite a massive decline in church attendance, aren't the churches making genuine moral progress on issues like racism, sexism, and social justice in general? Are we dying or maturing? How do we name our present moment?

By way of an answer, I would like simply to offer a series of "metaphors" gleaned from various commentators that attempt a naming. Some of these seemingly contradict each other, but all of them merit some thought. I leave them for you to digest.

Who's right? What best names both our symptoms and our moment? There is something to digest in each of these images.