#1 Cause of Death, Heart Disease, Linked to Abortion, New Study Confirms

David C. Reardon
March 20, 2024
Reproduced with Permission

Abortion increases the risk of cardiovascular disease according to a new study of over one million Medicaid patients.1 The increased risk varies from 16% to 267% within the first six months of a first live birth depending on the number of abortions women had previously undergone. Similar elevated rates of cardiovascular disease were also linked to natural losses, including miscarriage.

A previous study using the same data set found the elevated risks of cardiovascular disease following pregnancy loss of any type, induced or natural, persist for at least twelve years.2

These findings are among a growing body of medical literature linking abortion to reduced cardiovascular health, the leading cause of death among women. Among these is yet another study which revealed over a fivefold increased risk of death from cerebrovascular diseases within six years of an induced abortion.3

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