Abortion Linked to More Deaths than Coffee

David C. Reardon
July 1, 2022
Reproduced with Permission

Recent mainstream media headlines trumpeted the findings of a single new study revealing that adults who drank moderate amounts of coffee were 30% less likely to die during the period studied than those who didn't drink coffee. But where are the headlines about the 11 studies showing that abortion is linked to a 50% increased risk of a woman's premature death ?

This is just the latest example of mainstream media's selective bias, especially when it comes to killing stories that expose the dangers of unwanted, unsafe, and unnecessary abortions.

Why are mortality rates associated with coffee drinking more newsworthy than mortality rates associated with abortion?

In 2018, a peer reviewed systematic analysis showed that literally every study (11 in total) examining death certificates linked to reproductive health records has shown elevated risks of death among women following abortion. A disproportionate number of these excess deaths are due to suicide. Yet this important fact has never been reported by the New York Times or other major media outlets.

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