What is Behind the Puppet Masters and Their Agenda?

Ron Panzer
November 24, 2021
Reproduced with Permission

Is it incompetence that all the major media shares the same stories, with the same slant, using the same words each night, night after night? Is it incompetence that the Leftist leaders in many States and in many nations use the same language, cite the same fabricated "science" to supposedly justify their tyrannical dictates that are destroying the fabric of societies and the lives of people all around the world?

Is it incompetence that they stir up hatred between the peoples of the world, allow violence against the peaceful, productive members of society, and persecute those who speak the truth? Is it incompetence that all of the COVID Coup leaders are marching to the beat of the same drum, and that that beat is utterly evil?

No, they promote all things perverse and evil, all things that cause the degradation of society, the destruction of the very fabric of societies all over, and even promote death while claiming their dictates are issued solely to protect the people. This does not arise out of incompetence.

The puppet masters behind those who act as the front men in this global circus show are pleased if we blame their front men and women and aim our rage at them. Puppets can be replaced by yet another puppet who will claim to "build back better." And on and on, always "better," but always worse.

No, the puppet masters are not incompetent and own all the multinational corporations in the world. They own both or all competitors in every major service or production industry. They control the education systems, the banks, and the infrastructure that provides internet service, electricity, heat, fuel, or water. They control the military and police services and can arrange the replacement of any leader who does not follow their directives.

They have planned very carefully and taken the time to consider many permutations of resistance to their COVID Coup. The only thing they do not control is each individual's God-given free will, though they have worked so hard to indoctrinate the people to willingly give their power over to the elite puppet masters' agenda.

The communist revolutionaries in pre-Soviet Russia used the naive idealistic "socialists" who dreamt of a pure democracy to destabilize the nation and bring Czarist Russia down. Then, the Bolshevik communists seized control after a bloody nearly 6 year Civil War between several factions that took the lives of over 7 million people.

Once they had secured full control, the extreme, totalitarian surveillance police state was implemented across all of Russia and eventually over all the Satellite nations under Soviet control.

Confusing the people and dividing their collective power to unite and rise up are two of the strategies used by those who seek ultimate power. So they work to alienate one from the other, young vs. old, born vs. the unborn, black vs. white vs. Asian, Hispanic, etc., one ethnic group against another, one political party against another, one religion or no religion against another, and so on.

It's a strategy that has been used for millennia. It works to manipulate those who the elites call their "useful idiots." It is intended that huge swaths of the population are then labeled as the others , who are scapegoated as being unclean, greedy, evil, and the cause of all of the people's woes.

But the puppet masters are not incompetents; only the puppets are, and these simply follow orders from above. The same type of tactics are applied at various levels of government, control of corporations, administrative control within corporations and even various non-profit agencies. Control is exercised within all three sectors: public/governmental entities, as well as the private, and the non-profit and charitable.

Those who resist the puppet masters are targeted, harassed, "set up" or framed or accused falsely, or embarrassing "dirt" is found with which to discredit them and force them out of whatever positions they may have attained. The directives from the highest level are carefully implemented down the line to the lowest levels.

Any threats to the power of the elites is dealt with in this way. The dear Lord Jesus' life was taken in order to preserve the power of the elites of that time, though He willingly sacrificed Himself for an entirely different and divine purpose: the blessing and salvation of all who opened their hearts to His grace.

Over the past few decades, the agenda that resulted in what we are experiencing today was set in motion. Even going back a century, depopulationists and eugenicists openly wrote about their goals.

They've never stopped working to deconstruct the Western Civilization that was based on Judeo-Christian values. They've never stopped working to replace the worldview that valued individual human life and that placed faith in a loving God who cared about each and every one of us.

These puppet masters are utilitarians. They are the secular humanists who believe they know best how the world should be managed and that the world should be managed by them. They have nothing but disdain for any ideas supporting the individual's rights, the sanctity of life, reverence for God, and human freedom.

Puppet masters have come in many varieties throughout history, but the Nazis - allied with then Imperial Japan and fascist Italy - were one of the more recent extreme versions who waged war to gain control over the entire world.

Those puppet masters who have seized control over the world today and ignored all Constitutional restraints in the many nations, are the literal children of those past Nazis, or they are ultra-wealthy elites whose aims align exactly with these modern day Nazis, though their agenda is not labeled Nazi and is not about one nation conquering the world.

Today's puppet masters intend to attain the same ultimate goal that the Nazis had: global conquest, but they're not about a "master Aryan race" of German ethnicity. It's something new that does not fit any label exclusively. Neo-feudalist, communist, fascistic, totalitarian, Technocratic, Corporatist, despotic, dictatorial - all of these apply, but none alone defines them completely.

We are facing an entirely new face of an evil that is as old as time itself, and the source is the ultimate puppet master of evil.

It could be said that this evil is the antithesis of God, the Creator. And what is that? Hatred? Yes, but it is more than that. Evil leads to the opposite of creation or the giving of life.

Murder is the act, but the intent is the utter destruction of that which is alive. More than death, the intent is to end that which is and swallow it up into nothingness. Rather than light, they offer not mere relative "darkness" that is perceived only because some light yet remains, but they seek and offer the utter absence of light, which is again, nothingness.

The Light is Life, His life (John 14:6)! The total absence of light is death to that which is or was, and no longer has the being or the substance to exist. It is utter dissolution into nothingness. This is where all evil tends and where the ultimate puppet master leads.

Blessed by God's grace, we lovingly remember and honor those who have passed on. However, those who have rejected His grace eventually are possessed by an evil of their own choosing. They do not care at all about those they have killed, and do seek to erase the very memory of those whom they have caused to pass on.

But God does not forget even one of us. In His heavenly abode, He sees all, through all of time. And, every life, and every act and thought of every life, is "recorded" within His knowing forever. Within His book of life are the names and acts of those He has called to Him and who are His own.

Contrary to truthfulness and virtue, the puppet masters offer all varieties of vice and corruption. When they suggest what is "ethical" - informing others how they should live - they actively entice all to engage in all perversions which again, leads to destruction and death.

This is why for decades, they encouraged the tainting of education at all levels, the tainting of music and art to styles that were not beautiful but discordant and ugly, the tainting of health care so it no longer protected and affirmed life, but manipulated life and tossed it away when the individual no longer contributed to the utilitarian societal goals.

This is why, for decades, those who protested the corruption of education, art, music, and health care, were harassed, forced out, or terminated from employment and their lives and voices marginalized. This is why the standards of care in health care were increasingly not only not followed, but not followed intentionally at the direction of those in charge.

That is what we are experiencing today. The protocols that are administratively handed down to doctors, nurses, and others are not life-affirming and do not conform to the standards of care in place for many decades.

How else could doctors - who once were sworn to "do no harm" - kill the unborn, as well as the just born infants? How else can they arrange that the patients - who they once were sworn to care for - be made to die? What madness! What horror for those who are helplessly medically murdered!

The treatment protocols followed in many hospitals now openly assure death on a widespread, almost total basis, just as stealth euthanasia infiltrated the once life-affirming hospice care industry and palliative care medical practice.

This is the reason why today, doctors and nurses who seek to save lives are punished, terminated from employment, and even sued, while those who are routinely killing patients - in order to keep their jobs - are rewarded, promoted, and even given financial bonuses.

Yes, there are many who continue to follow those puppet masters. In the many nations' healthcare systems, it is more than just one hospital's administrators who are directing physicians and other staff to follow lethal treatment protocols that end lives. Yes, all of this is done at the bidding of the puppet masters and behind them, the ultimate puppet master.

When almost everything that is done by the leaders in healthcare - or in society as a whole - no longer makes sense, and no longer has anything to do with what normally should or would be done, it is clear that evil is controlling. But evil does not control forever!

Those who are persecuting the brave, dedicated doctors, and other health care professionals, are not incompetents; they are mercilessly following the puppet master's bidding, and that bidding is being followed throughout many nations of the world.

Almost everything within us seeks to deny that this happening. We do not wish to admit that it is even possible. After World War II and to this day, so many vowed that "never again" would such a massive genocide be tolerated or permitted.

But this is global genocide! It's not good news at all. It's not what we would want to learn about. Many of us simply wish to escape from this living nightmare, but escape we cannot. Even if the media and leaders attempt to persuade us that "all is well" and a sense of normalcy will be restored "soon," we know it is a deception. Like magicians at a circus, they distract us and deceive us and lie about what has really occurred right in front of us!

We can only face the reality in this world, resist, and continue to oppose this evil with every breath we have, so long as we live.

We understand. This is not about any one bumbling, incompetent-looking leader in any one nation, State, county, or town. It is about evil coming down from the highest levels of evil. From the ultimate evil, the blackest heart where nothingness thrives and no goodness enters and no goodness is shared.

This is what is spreading through the world today, as it has in the past centuries. But there always are those who fight this evil, who care, who are motivated by love and by their reverence for God and for the lives He has created.

We are in this world, but our hearts are not of this world. Our feet remain on the ground, but our minds and hearts rise in reverence for the One who was, is, and will be ever more - the Creator of all that is. It is His Love and Beauty that sweeps across and permeates every bit of Nature in perfection!

Many are resisting. People are waking up. They now recognize the mandates have nothing to do with promoting health, but everything to do with the elites' securing greater and greater control over the people and the destruction of the people's lives.

God gives life in this world and in the next, forever and ever.

We do hear and follow a different "drummer." We do not dance to the tune of the puppet masters, but to His divine will.

And because it is the blessed dear Lord Jesus's will, and because there are those who follow His will, there is hope yet in the world.

As He told us:

"I have told you these things,
so that in me you may have peace.

In this world you will have trouble
But take heart!

I have overcome the world."
- John 16:33