What's Next?

Dot McGinnis
© 2005
Reproduced with Permission

A silver strand I found, I did,
Entwined within my tresses hid.

Beneath my lovely locks it lay.
I found it there, a strand of gray!

Now do I moan and pitch a fit,
Or do I try to cover it?

Hide it, dye it, yank it out?
Or sport it proudly all about!

To hide it -- hmm, a big red hat?
Noo! Hiding, red hats aren't for that!

To dye my hair? Ha! It still will be,
I'll know its there, though no one sees.

To yank it out? No, that won't do,
It will come back with others too.

A sign of wisdom this could be,
A symbol yes, for all to see.

I'll be acknowledged as a sage
Yes thatŐs it, its not old age!

It's just a strand, one silver tress.
My life's not ore', no need for stress.

No need to fret, just settle down,
Keep my chin up, no need to frown.

I'll panic not, old age won't win.
Oh nooo!!! What's this, upon my chin?

A whisker noo!!! It cannot be.
What's next pray tell, A.A.R.P.?