God's Chosen Vessel

Dot McGinnis
Copyright 2005
Reproduced with Permission

"The earth trembles under an unloved woman..." Proverbs 30:21-23

Leah was always second best, in the eyes of Jacob and in the eyes of others. Her sister Rachel was always being exalted over her. We see a perfect example of this in Genesis 31, verse 33.

Even though it had been Rachel who had stolen Laban's household gods, when it came to the searching of the tents, Rachel was the one who was searched last because Jacob and Laban suspected her the least.

And whenever Jacob and his family were reuniting once again with Esau and he feared for their safety (Genesis 33:2), Jacob put the maidservants and their children in front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph in the rear because he knew they'd be safest there.

"Jacob ... loved Rachel more than Leah ..." (Genesis 29:30)

Often, it seems as if God's chosen ones are nothing more than second class citizens, in the eyes of the world.  So it was with Leah.

Leah was the one who was ignored -- unwanted by everyone but God, that is! She was the one He chose to mother the tribe of Judah -- His Son's tribe. Leah was His chosen vessel! (Genesis 35:23)

Just as God had a plan for Leah's life, so He has a perfect plan for your life and mine; a divine plan that will bring honor and glory to His Holy name. All we have to do is ask Him into our lives and allow Him to transform us into vessels of honor, fit to be used by Him in whatever manner He sees fit.

Precious Savior, so many of us have been ignored by the world. We were unloved, unwanted, treated like second class; never feeling as if we were quite good enough to fit in anywhere. Then, we became Your children; part of a royal linage. Now, we are sons and daughters of a King: the King of Kings!!!

In Your eyes, Lord, we are chosen vessels. Use us as You see fit, to bring honor and glory to Your precious Holy name.