The "Spring Cleaning" Angel

Dot McGinnis
Copyright 2005
Reproduced with Permission

The "Spring Cleaning" Angel decided it was time to come to my house, the other day.

For weeks, I knew that it was time for her arrival. But, I tried not to think about it.

Finally, one morning, I was able to, reluctantly, pry my mouse from my fingers (not an easy thing to do when you are online as much as I am) and replace it with a bucket, scrub rags, and wall cleaner. I really don't mind spring-cleaning. It's just the getting started thing thatÕs really hard for me.

I had no problem, at all, with the walls in the room I was doing; until I came to the doorway. There it was, a little brown, faded, haloed, spot above the doorframe. As hard as I tried, with all my might, to scrub it off I could not remove it. "Hmm. Wait a minute. What is going on here?" I asked myself.

I tried everything (every kind of detergent, oil soap, all-purpose cleaner I could find) but nothing, absolutely nothing, would work. Oh, well, I'll just have to paint over it, I guess. It wasn't like it was the whole wall or anything. It was only a little brown spot, above the door, that stood mocking me. So, I went on, about my way, scrubbing walls until I happened to glance up at the next-door frame and there it was, again; that same curious, little, brown, faded, haloed, spot!

This was really beginning to get weird, now. What on earth was going on? Why would the dust fairy leave her calling card just above my doorway and nowhere else? And why, for the life of me, canÕt I get it off?

Ahhh! Wait a minute. I know what that is! That's not the dust fairy that left that there, I laughed to myself. That's anointing oil! I looked all over the house and, sure enough, there it was (over every doorway); the same silly, little, brown, spot stood guard - a remnant of my going, from room to room, asking God's blessing and protection on our humble abode.

Call it a ritual, if you will. Call it superstition. To me, it's adoration to my King. Periodically, I go, from room to room, thanking Him for the dwelling He's giving us. I get out my little bottle of anointing oil and begin to pray and praise His holy name. Sometimes, prayers are uttered in the Spirit. Always, peace is sought, to reign within the walls of our home. Satan is bound, sending him and his demons fleeing.

I even anoint the dog! She is so used to it, by now, she just lifts her head up in anticipation of her anointing; her blessing. I do think she'd be hurt and insulted if I forgot her. You know, she could have told me what those little brown spots were, that I was fretting about, if only I'd asked!

So, I guess the "Spring Cleaning" Angel will just have to pass over this one. It will only end up there, again, the next time IÕm in a prayer frenzy and my bottle of anointing oil comes out!