Canine Bliss!!!

Dot McGinnis
Copyright 2005
Reproduced with Permission

Doggie kisses warm and sloppy,
And their ears so long and floppy

Rub their tummies; watch them smile.
Cuddle up, with them, a while.

When you leave, a goodbye whine
Left for you - is just a sign.

You'll be missed while you're away.
Near the home front they will stay.

A tail is wagged anticipating
For their loved ones, they are waiting.

While you're gone, you can be sure
They will linger by the door.

Puppy's honor, cross their paw;
I do believe it's canine law ...

To wait for you, beside that door,
With all those kisses. Wait, there's more!

Also, there's a doggie wiggle;
Makes you want to smile and giggle ...

Knowing you've a friend forever
Who will love you, come whatever.

If your pooch is extra kind,
Something special you will find ...

Waiting for you, by the door;
Doggie doo-doo on the floor!

Bow wow bark, canine bliss;
Doggie dance, sloppy kiss ...

A howling serenade, off key.
Home at last, here with me!

Pals forever, 'til the end;
No greater love, no truer friend.