Spring Cleaning Angel!!!

Dot McGinnis
Copyright 2005
Reproduced with Permission

Every dust bunny's got to scurry.
I'm now in a cleansing flurry!
No more cobwebs can be found;
The spring cleaning angel's back in town!

I knew, soon, that she'd be calling.
Makes me really feel like bawling
'Cause she's shown up at my door!
Can't put it off now anymore.

I'm now in a cleaning tizzy,
Which has left me rather dizzy,
Dusting shelves nooks and crannies.
I must, now, work off my fanny ...

Cleaning drapes, walls and floors;
Behind each and every door.
I'm armed with a feather duster.
I'll wax and shine with all my muster!

Got buckets, mops, all purpose cleaners'
This is not a job for wieners!
If it's standing still, I'll scrub it,
Soap it down, and rub-a-dub-it!

'Cause she peeks in everything,
That nosey little angel spring!
Spic-and-span my house will be,
So that angel will leave me.

When her visit with me's through,
I'll send her packing off to you!