Nobody Loses All the Time

Dot McGinnis
Reproduced with Permission

Nobody loses all the time.
Remember, this statement is true.
I know they'll be times in your life
When you think nobody's a loser but you.

But everyone has their ups and downs
And, though you feel you're as low as can get,
You must keep your chin up and hold your head high
'Cause you haven't hit rock bottom, yet.

Have faith in yourself and never give up!
No matter how hurt you may be.
Just keep telling yourself, when you're feeling blue,
"There are others much worse off than me."

Then, you'll realize your problems
Aren't all that bad
And that others, around you,
Are much more sad ...

And that what I said,
Truly must be.
That nobody loses all the time;
At least, nobody but me!