Many objective scientific reasons NOT to take COVID "vaxes" or "boosters"

Dianne N. Irving
Copyright November 20, 2021
Prof. Dr. Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D.
Reproduced with Permission

I. Introduction:

At the very least, it is well-worth remembering the Hippocratic Oath that all physicians have traditionally taken, which includes "First do no harm"! So consider the following examples of harm already caused by these COVID "vaxes" (and anticipated harms caused by their "boosters")!

II. Some Objective Scientific Facts:

  1. It is an objective scientific fact that none of these COVID vaccines are real vaccines (which historically have required 5 - 10 years of studies in order to ascertain any harmful effects resulting months/years later). Even the FDA website specifies that they are merely "vaccine candidates" and might later become real vaccines. (See: ; also, )
  2. It is an objective scientific fact that none of these COVID "vaxes" prevent one from getting the COVID virus, or transmitting it. Their "efficacy" refers only to how well they reduce the bad symptoms of COVID after getting it . (See, e.g.: ); also: )
  3. Use of the FDA's "Emergency Use Authorization" is invalid and should be forbidden , because according to the FDA it can only be used "if there are no adequate alternatives". But it is a documented scientific fact that long-used treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have worked in the past and now during this "pandemic". Therefore the EUA can't apply to any COVID "vax" or "booster". (See, e.g.: ; also: ; also: )
  4. Therefore it is objectively scientifically absurd to take an invalid EUA "booster" for an invalid EUA "vax" for a virus that doesn't exist any more (i.e., COVID a ) (all viruses mutate into genetically different variants)!
  5. mRNA "vaxes" cause one's human genome (total DNA in both nucleus and mitochondria) to be changed permanently ; one ends up with foreign spike protein DNA in one's genome. This foreign DNA has objectively scientifically been documented to cause all sorts of diseases over time. Therefore, to prevent changes in one's genome, and to prevent harmful/deadly consequences from such foreign spike protein DNA, no mRNA "vaxes" or "boosters" should be taken. (See extensive scientific references in Irving, "Bad 'Science', and 'Unknown' FUTURE sicknesses Re Messenger-RNA Vaccines for COVID" , at: ). mRNA containing the foreign DNA for the COVID spike protein enters every cell, transfers the foreign DNA to ribosomes in the cell's cytoplasm, which then insert it into the cell's mitochondria in the cytoplasm - thus changing the cell's genome (the human genome = total DNA in both the nucleus and the mitochondria). Some even "loops" onto the cell's nucleus and passes through its membranes.
  6. All this scientific fraud is the subject of German Dr. Fuellmich + thousands of scientists/physicians from around the world seeking a new international Nuremberg Tribunal re COVID pandemic's "crimes against humanity" . (See: ; also: Fuellmich:

III. Conclusion

Even just the Hippocratic Oath would reject these harmful/deadly "vaccines" and "boosters". But one doesn't have to be a physician to find so much objective scientific documentation that should preclude anyone from taking any of these COVID "vaxes" and "boosters".