Stalin Then And NOW: Liberation Theology, Homosexuality in the Church, Socialism

Dianne N. Irving
copyright August 24, 2019
Reproduced with Permission

Some things never change. Time to pull out some historical documentation -- while you can! -- about the Russian Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin's past programs in order to understand what is going on today -- especially with the 2020 elections around the corner!

A. Liberation Theology

Liberation Theology was taught throughout South America (including Argentina!) for decades, and still is, yet decades ago it was also formally condemned in a Vatican document as a heretical Communist version of the Catholic faith: Both Benedict and John Paul II independently traveled to Latin America to warn the Church there of this heretical "theology". BTW, as the Vatican document points out, Liberation Theology is the source of the phrase "social justice" (which really means Socialism -- the forerunner of Communism). Yet this background is rarely if ever publicized. Check out the following references: Stalin as source of heretical Liberation Theology throughout South America: [NOTE THE DRASTIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE BING SEARCHES AND THE GOOGLE SEARCHES BELOW!!] Main search, "Stalin" "Liberation Theology" = 302,000 results, at:
Google Main search, "Stalin" "Liberation Theology" = 58,100 results, at:

B. Homosexuality in the Church

Another effort by Stalin that is rarely if ever discussed is how he decided to destroy the Church from within as well, by infiltrating it with homosexuals: see search: "Stalin" "Catholic" "homosexual" = 2,070,000 results, at:
Google Main search, "Stalin" "homosexual" "Catholic" = 180,000 results, at: His masterful massive meetings in Moscow at the time with homosexuals (most of whom weren't even priests) from around the world proved to be quite successful.

C. He's Back: Socialism

Stalin's classic rhetoric on Communism explains today's push on socialism/progressivism. As Stalin often explained, "socialism" is just the first phase of Communism! See,
Note again Stalin's classic dependence on socialism: "Russian Revolution of January 1918 engendered communist parties worldwide and their concomitant revolutions of 1917–1923. Few communists doubted that the Russian success of socialism depended on successful, socialist revolutions in developed capitalist countries", at: Amazingly, especially the youth of Russia have engendered quite a comeback today for Stalin and his Communist ideology, often pushing it on social media and the internet. See: "Honoring Stalin: The Comeback of a Soviet Dictator", at:

D. The Soviet Story

Often ignored today are the atrocities engendered by Stalin and his Communist ideology, even after WWII. For a very sobering documentary of such atrocities, see: "The Soviet Story (with translations)", at:
Also, it is available on DVD's at] Watch The Soviet Story on BitChute without Google-imposed age restrictions There's a reason why these documentaries have "age restrictions"!

E. Conclusion

Hopefully society will wise up this time around -- before it's too late. Don't vote them into office to begin with, and vote those who are already in out of office in 2020! The consequences of ignoring the above history and current facts would be horrific for all of the individual members of our society, and the end of our democracy.