iPS Research: Accurate Objective Scientific Facts Render it Unethical

Dianne N. Irving
copyright: February 19, 2019
Reproduced with Permission

I. Introduction

Given that iPS research continues to be supported and pushed despite its inherent scientific -- and thus ethical -- defects, the following short article provides both scientific and ethical documentation of these serious problems so that the public and governmental officials can better understand why this research should be permanently banned. The defects inherent in iPS research include not only severe, even deadly consequences to human patients who are injected with these iPS cells to "cure their diseases", but also inherently involve an area (conveniently) not often discussed: the use of iPS cells as sources for IVF/ART and similar facilities to artificially reproduce new whole human embryos for both research and "infertility" purposes.

Note that:

In short, these artificially reproduced in vitro cells are supposed to be injected into patients to "cure their diseases". Yet because of the manner in which they are produced, these cells contain multiple mutations from all the manipulations and "foreign DNA" used to "deprogram" them which render them very dangerous to any human patients into whom they are injected.

And not mentioned by these iPS researchers, most cells of the developing human embryo up to and including those from the inner cell mass of the "blastocyst" are totipotent, not pluripotent (as iPS researchers claim). Therefore these totipotent cells can revert to new embryos by means of the natural biological process of "regulation" (see Playing God article below, section on A-Sexual human reproduction) -- even nervously admitted by a couple of iPS researchers themselves. Indeed, as documented since the Carnegie Stages since 1942, as well as in all genuine human embryology and human genetics textbooks, this MZ "twinning/tripleting" is how naturally occurring human twins/triplets are naturally reproduced in vivo within the mother. Such MZ "twinning/tripleting" can also be artificially a-sexually reproduced outside the woman's body, in vitro, and used in IVF/ART and other destructive experimental research labs or implanted into women at "infertility clinics" (which actually constitutes illegal "reproductive cloning") -- often using evasive benign terminology with these women such as "blastomere splitting", or "blastomere separation". Thus women allowing these artificially reproduced MZ twins/triplets to be implanted, and human patients into whom such iPS cells are to be injected to "cure" their diseases, are not given the accurate science of what is being implanted or injected into them, and thus are precluded from giving ethically or legally valid "informed consent" or make "informed choices"!

II. Suggested Articles, Extensive Documentation (Irving):

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III. Conclusion:

Given the erroneous and/or dangerous "science" used in the production of iPS cells which can severely damage, even kill, prospective human patients into whom they would be injected; and given the insidious false "science" claimed by iPS researchers that these cells are "pluripotent" -- knowing fully that they are really totipotent, and thus that they they and cohorts in the IVF/ART and similar industries can use these "totipotent" iPS stem cells as sources of new whole living human embryos for destructive research and "infertility" treatments -- all iPS research should be immediately banned as dangerous to human consumers and thus unethical, and any researchers who violate that ban should be held legally accountable.