Why Transhumanism and Gnosticism Are Anti-Catholic/Christian/Jewish

Dianne N. Irving
copyright May 17, 2016
Reproduced with Permission

Like it or not, know it or not, Transhumanism is now global -- and at least your children and grandchildren are being flooded with it. So what's to worry about? A whole lot! It is essentially Gnosticism all dressed up in a new "name".

Below I have simply outlined the main principles of Gnosticism (both ancient and post-Christian) which are also the fundamental basis for the current hype and craze known as Transhumanism (the earlier version of Gnosticism in our lifetimes was "New Age", which flourished during the 1960's -- out of California (of course) -- with the hippies, communes, free sex, Transcendental Meditation, and drugs, etc.). Most of this is taken from my notes while teaching the History of Philosophy in the universities for over 15 years (2-semester course, covering 28 philosophers, in historical chronological order). Note: neither Gnosticism nor Transhumanism are genuine "philosophies", but are rather based on mythologies. Hopefully the following will be found helpful. A very short list of references with documentation is copied at the end.

Transhumanism is fundamentally grounded in ancient and post-Christian Gnosticism and its mythological "cosmology", and is simply the latest "name" used for Gnosticism. Both are overtly anti-Catholic/Christian/jewish -- and impossible to "reconcile". If you know what Gnosticism is, then you can identify it in the various destructive ultimate goals of Transhumanism. Just one example: In Transhumanism we are supposed to transfer our brains into computers in 2045 in order to become posthumans and thus able to fuse back into Cosmic Consciousness (their "name" for the ultimate Gnostic Deity). This is essentially the same as the Gnostic ultimate goal of having the immaterial "pieces" of the cosmos (including the immaterial and only immortal part of human beings known as the "Self") move back up through the spheres and fuse back into the Gnostic Ultimate Deity from whence they originated. Problem is their mind/body split: the material brain is NOT the same as immaterial "consciousness" and such "anthropologies" have long been refuted academically as irrational and erroneous. But most people are unaware of such metaphysical breakdowns, and so Transhumanism/Gnosticism continue on. If you understand what Gnosticism really is -- and its in-the-flesh consequences -- then you will be able to spot it in the various strains of Transhumanism currently out there (at least until they change their "name" again). What is Gnosticism? And how is it applied? Push the logic. Here are just a few of the counter-Catholic/Christian/Jewish principles of Gnosticism:

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