Abortion: the perfect cover-up for rape

Ann Farmer
April 19, 2022
Reproduced with Permission

In the UK, Police have issued an apology and paid substantial damages to three women now in their 30s, who as children were repeatedly sexually abused and raped by organised gangs.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Stephen Watson apologised the failings of the police under his predecessors. They had "failed to protect them or investigate their abusers". Mr Watson told the three victims, referred to as Amber, Daisy and BXW: "GMP could and should have done much more to protect you and we let you down."

This lawsuit will set a precedent for dozens of other survivors whose lives were ruined by the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal, say campaigners. The revelations of the scale of the abuse in Rochdale and Rotherham was front-page news in the British media for months. The grooming gangs targeted young girls who were in government care because of behavioural problems or dysfunctional home situations.

The stories related by the three women are sickening.

Legal documents show that Amber was 14 years old when the abuse started. According to the Daily Express: "She was first raped while intoxicated and thereafter raped and sexually assaulted by numerous men. She was threatened with a gun and a knife on separate occasions when she refused to comply." Daisy was only 12 when the abuse began and it continued for another five years.

BXW said she was happy that the police had acknowledged their responsibility for their ordeal. In her case, she said that the abuse began when she was 12 and continued for four years, during which "she was passed 'like a ball' between 'thousands' of men for rape and sexual abuse. She was impregnated by one man, Adil Khan, when she was 13 and had an abortion".

The Manchester Police did worse than nothing about this terrible situation. Subsequent investigations showed that they dismissed complaints from the victims and ignored warnings about the abuse.

A police operation to tackle the gangs stopped in 2004 - and just eight years later, nine men ended up being convicted for sexually abusing children in Rochdale.

The Police apology is the result of a legal challenge launched by the three women assisted by lawyers from the Centre for Women's Justice charity. They contended that "from the early 2000s there was growing evidence that gangs of men were grooming, trafficking and sexually abusing girls" in Rochdale, Lancashire. The case was clear and the Police settled out of court.

Much of the controversy which surrounds the Rochdale grooming gang and the even bigger Rotherham grooming gang is related to the racial background of the offenders. Most were British Pakistanis and there were strident allegations of racism.

But this overlooks a central feature of these crimes - abortion. This appalling story shows once again how abortion for under-age girls has facilitated vicious and organised sexual abuse of minors, not just in Rochdale but all over the country, many of them supposedly in state care.

As Sara Rowbotham, a health worker and local politician who blew the whistle on the abuse, commented to the Daily Express: "This is good news for the three girls involved, but what about all the others? There are at least 180 other survivors of the Rochdale grooming gangs. They should also be apologised to and compensated."

The government itself has been found guilty - sadly, only in the court of public opinion - for breaking its own law. Children cannot legally consent to sexual relations - but they can get abortions.

No wonder, seeing so little respect for the law from those at the top, the very dregs of society, in the shape of those opportunistic paedophiles, exploited it.

As Canadian journalist Jonathon van Maren observed : "The evidence of these crimes just happens to be babies. So often one repulsive crime is entwined with another, and robbing one of innocence so often means snuffing out another innocent just a little further down the road. Evil men use violence against pre-born children to cover up their violence against girls."

The men responsible for these crimes have demonstrated by their own vile conduct - treating children as worthless playthings - that they themselves are worth very little. Some have been jailed. But this kind of abuse will not end until the governing elites stop ignoring that the state uses abortion, the so-called "right to choose", as the perfect cover-up for rape and even for organised crime.