Facebook-funded radical trans ideology infiltrates UK schools

Ann Farmer
July 1, 2021
Reproduced with Permission

The tyranny of the transgender movement continues in its overt attempts to indoctrinate and sexualise our children - with endorsement from senior British government figures and social media giants.

The LGBT+ "charity" Just Like Us is providing lesson packs for Key Stage 1 pupils - aged five to seven - teaching children to use the "correct" pronouns for "non-binary" people , and even introducing "gender issues" to maths lessons.

Just Like Us operates with the blessing of the Department of Education, as well as support from Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey, senior Labour MPs including shadow housing secretary Lucy Powell and former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, not to mention generous funding from Facebook, according to MailPlus's political editor Glen Owen.

The programme has attracted criticism from the Safe Schools Alliance, a group of teachers and parents concerned about trans activism in education, which has written to the Education Secretary outlining its concerns at pupils being indoctrinated in transgender ideology.

Just Like Us, whose director of education, Emma Fay, is a self-described "queer" charity worker, includes the following maths question in its lesson packs:

Harley, (a non-binary and gender-non-conforming person using they/them pronouns) has volunteered to give bottles of water to runners of a Marathon (sic). They have 15 bottles of water but there are a total of 25 runners in the marathon. How many more bottles of water does Harley need to buy?

Someone as confused as "Harley" would likely be unable to volunteer for anything apart from psychological counselling after enduring such lessons, which are accompanied by instructions to teachers to give Key Stage 1 children the following definition of "transgender":

When a person is born they are assigned a gender. For a transgender person the gender they have been assigned does not match how they feel inside. So someone who is told they are a boy feels like they are a girl, or someone who is told they are a girl, feels like they are a boy.

Given the poor quality of Emma Fay's grammar, the pulverising of pronouns might not seem so glaringly obvious, but the pupils enduring these lessons will end up as confused as Harley.

Children naturally internalise such matters, and boys and girls still at the stage of believing in fairies, witches and magic spells will begin to wonder if they are really girls and boys, with predictable results: the numbers of self-identifying "gender questioning" young people will rise, justifying even more early intervention by self-appointed sexuality experts, even more unnecessary, dangerous and irreversible "treatments" and, no doubt, even more government money for sexual diversity activists to produce even more damaging material for schools.

Laughably, the sexual diversity campaign is fond of complaining about the Thatcher government's introduction in the 1980s of an ammendment forbidding local authorities from promoting homosexuality. They protest that claims of brainwashing children in sexual diversity was a figment of the right-wing imagination, but ever since it was finally repealed (in England, in 2003), they have done little else - with enthusiastic help from government, big institutions and now, big capitalism.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail is reporting that members of the BBC'S "Pride Board" are now demanding the right to vet transgender-related news stories before they air on Radio 4's flagship Today programme , after a discussion of a controversial "Diversity Champions" scheme for employers did not feature a transgender guest.

The equal rights group behind the scheme, Stonewall, having declined to supply a spokesperson, the chief executive of LGBT website Pink News, Benjamin Cohen, was invited on to the programme instead. According to the Daily Mail, the interview "became heated when presenter Justin Webb questioned Stonewall's position on the fight of female campaigners to retain single-sex spaces such as toilets".

Webb was criticised by Mr Cohen for failing to invite "a single trans voice" on to the show, and lambasted him for daring to discuss the issue despite not being trans himself.

It seems the BBC is hoist with its own petard, falling victim to a movement the corporation promoted, which now seeks to censor it. And as befits its totalitarian Marxist approach of divide and rule, this movement is unrepresentative even of the sexual minorities it claims to represent.

By continually highlighting the hateful and discriminatory ways in which, it claims, Western nations treat their minorities, it succeeds in disrupting society and creating distrust of democratically elected governments, while providing a useful distraction from actual persecution by communist regimes like China, North Korea, and other bastions of "fairness" and "tolerance".

These sexual diversity campaigns pose as the defenders of poor victims, while complaining of being victimised; but if they are such poor victims, why is everyone so terrified of crossing them? Not only are they unrepresentative, but as the Safe Schools Alliances points out, they are against diversity of thought and opinion.

They are fundamentally anti-democratic, and if they ever succeed in winning actual power, nobody will be safe. First they come for the pronouns, then they come for anyone who dares to say anything at all.