Children: the trans money-maker

Ann Farmer
December 5, 2018
Reproduced with Permission

A British GP has been convicted of running an illegal transgender clinic at which she provided hormones to minors, including one aged 12, despite being refused a licence by the NHS regulator.

Dr Helen Webberley insisted she was innocent and warned that closing down her service meant that patients could come to harm. However, since she charged between £75 (US$95) and £150 an hour she had a strong financial incentive to continue; it was her own pocket that was at risk of harm if she did not continue to offer these harmful "services".

Dr Webberley acceded to these children's wishes to change something as fundamental as their biological sex, despite constant publicity regarding the dangers of the internet influencing children to believe that their bodies are imperfect and needing to be changed. It seems that she acted without asking what was driving this sudden fashion, but rather profited from the trend.

"Following a 'snowballing' of interest on the transgender treatment," the Telegraph reports, Dr Webberley opened a new website, Yet, as every doctor must know, putting children on puberty blockers virtually guarantees that they will want to "transition" when they get older. In other words she set them on the path of irreversible surgical mutilation and a lifetime of taking dangerous hormones, effectively sterilising them while leaving psychological problems unaddressed.

In this she followed the playbook of trans campaigners, who insist that counsellors and psychotherapists must be forbidden from helping those with gender dysphoria, while maintaining that it would be dangerous for children with body dysphoria to be left untreated - that is, not encouraged in their delusions.

Dr Webberley's defence lawyer maintained that she "was a very caring practitioner who never developed the company for financial gain. She was only motivated by the care of her patients." Nevertheless, she was convicted of illegally providing healthcare services after the court ruled that she and her company had broken the Care Standards Act.

It is incredible that any standard of care could possibly involve agreeing with a confused child's distorted view of reality and approving a "treatment" that is profoundly psychologically damaging and physically irreversible.

A combination of internet influence, aggressive trans campaigners and unscrupulous doctors is driving this modern sickness. Despite the absence of "trans animals" in the natural world the scientific champions of biology remain silent. Meanwhile the government seems set on legalising gender self-identification for adults, which will inevitably normalise the process, in turn leading to demands that children be treated in the same way on compassionate grounds.

There are historical precedents for such fads -- and for them ending in disaster; some of them involved children. With the government driving the development and forcibly funding it from taxpayers' money, this new disaster is set to reach gigantic proportions before the re-emergence of common sense.

Dr Webberley has been convicted for breaking the Care Standards Act, but the government should be convicted of a dereliction of care towards all young people by encouraging the trans fantasy.