HLI Fights Abortion in Mozambique and Uruguay

Thomas J. Euteneuer
Volume 01, Number 89
October 19, 2007
Reproduced with Permission
Human Life International

Last month, when we sent out our appeal for Mozambique, I promised to get back to you on the situation of abortion legalization in that country. No one seems to be reporting on it, and even for the Africans it is very difficult to get information on what is going on there. As of this moment, abortion has not been voted on or liberalized in that southern African country although Mozambique has had an ambiguous quasi-legal status since their days of heavy communist influence in the early 80s.

The month-long missionary trip that our valiant HLI representative, Mr. Emil Hagamu, made to Mozambique during the month of September was effective in the way that we hoped it would be. He went there armed with the generosity of our supporters and all our prayers. I include here a link to a summary of Mr. Hagamu's report and ask you to continue to pray to the Guardian Angel of Mozambique for assistance to keep the abortion demon at bay.


For months now, the pro-lifers have been monitoring under-the-surface machinations by extreme feminists in the Uruguayan Congress to propose legislation to legalize abortion. Feminists chose to concentrate their efforts on Uruguay because it is arguably the most secularized of the nations in Latin America. A famous visit by abortion-promoting US First Lady Hillary Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998 emboldened the extremists in their long-term plan to gut pro-life protections.

Last Friday, the feminist radicals finally proposed one law with four chapters to do their dirty work: one chapter would have legalized abortion on demand with two other chapters that would have "regulated" it after legalization. A fourth chapter was intended as a "reproductive and sexual health" section that would bring the rest of the nefarious plan of the culture of death to this Catholic nation: hedonistic sex education, homosexuality, birth control, etc. The extremists thought they had enough votes in the Congress to pass it, but Uruguayan President, Tabar Vsquez, promised to veto the law if it passed. One of HLI's affiliates, Asociacin Vivir en Familia, organized a March for Life this past Monday to rally pro-lifers which counted the participation of the Archbishop of Montevideo, Nicols Cotugno.

The results were not promising: although the abortion-on-demand chapter did not receive enough votes to pass, it only barely scraped by, with a 15-15 tie and one abstention. A similar vote in 2003 was 17-13 in favor of life. The legislators, however, voted unanimously for the sex education, birth control, homosexuality provision under the false presumption that all of this would somehow reduce the need for abortion.

For the present, the votes to pass the entire law are not there and abortion has not been legalized in Uruguay. However, HLI's other affiliate in Uruguay, Asociacin Esperanza, tells us that they are very worried because the legislation has been sent back to committee and will be brought up again with amendments to make it more "palatable" to some of the fence-sitters. They think this vote can be as early as next week.

Please pray to the Guardian Angel of Uruguay to restrain the abortion demon in that land!