Pro-Choice Violence and American Culture

Thomas J. Euteneuer
Jan. 19, 2007
Reproduced with Permission
Human Life International

Author's Note: This is the third of three articles highlighting the reality of violence committed - and defended - in the name of "Choice."

One does not need to spend too much time in front of a killing center in the United States to know that the term "pro-choice" is synonymous with violence. I do not make that accusation lightly. I have seen the violence first-hand and it is not pretty. Nor am I talking about the killing of an innocent child which is intrinsically violent. I am talking here about the nature of the abortion business itself and its practitioners. Abortion breeds all kinds of other violence in the same way that a toxic waste dump causes cancer in the innocent people who live around it. The abortion industry has plenty of blood on its hands: violence committed against peaceful pro-lifers, men killing women who don't want to get abortions, abortionist-on-abortionist killings, plenty of domestic violence and just overall criminal viciousness. There is just no way to stop "pro-choice" violence because it is the infallible outgrowth of an unchained evil like abortion.

Just for the record, in my fifteen plus years on the front lines of the pro-life movement I have been threatened with death twice. The threats were issued by abortion clinic employees, and I had to take those threats seriously because it is not an unreasonable fear that people who murder babies for a living may just carry out a death threat on someone who stands in their way. At virtually every killing center in America pro-lifers have to deal with violent verbal abuse, property damage, assaults, threats of violence, attempts to run them down with their cars, ripping signs, video cameras and materials out of their hands, etc. All of these are summarily dismissed by the "pro-choice" movement and culture as pardonable under the rubric of "choice."

Ironically, however, there is a witness value in all this. Each time I go to Third World countries where abortion is generally still illegal, I highlight this phenomenon of abortion violence in the affluent west. International "pro-choice" demagogues promote abortion with all the teary-eyed concern for women that they did in America thirty-five years ago: they say women are dying from back alley abortions; they say the law is discriminatory since only rich women can get abortions; they have a false concern for the mother's "health" and make abortion a fake solution to rape, incest, fetal deformities, etc. Pro-life nations would fall for all these "choice" lies except for one thing: the truth. We can tell them, with thirty four years of experience and statistics to back us up, that "choice" and violence are synonymous.

In this case numbers don't lie. Let the "pro-choice" American culture do the math, and it should be shocked at what it finds. My colleague, Dr. Brian Clowes, has spent years looking closely at the abortion industry and its violence. It's not an easy job, but he's a former Green Beret and fit for the work! You will want to see the database he has assembled on violence committed in the name of "choice." The "State-by-State" link on the side bar will take you to his phenomenal documentation of the wreckage, but don't read it right before lunch or you may not digest your meal. The tally - that we know of - is 7000 total acts of violence including 880 homicides and other killings, 86 attempted murders, 23 arsons and bombings, 787 assaults, 1,798 sex crimes (including 169 rapes), 59 kidnappings, 420 cases of vandalism, 270 drug-related crimes, 1,577 medical crimes. And this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

As we gear up for the March for Life next Monday, let's remember that the babies are the first but not the only victims of American abortion violence. Let us pray with all our might that God will soon deliver us of all this evil after 35 years of suffering.