Pro Choice Violence and Big Pharmaceutical

Thomas J. Euteneuer
Jan. 12, 2007
Reproduced with Permission

Author's Note: This is the second of three articles highlighting the reality of violence committed - and defended - in the name of "choice." Last week we examined "Pro Choice Violence, Big Media and Big Abortion," and next week we will take a look at "Pro Choice Violence and American Culture."


In politically-correct circles nowadays, it is not kosher to suggest that grand conspiracies are causing our world's ills. However, the supreme authority of our Church in the person of Pope John Paul II and his encyclical letter, "The Gospel of Life" (1995), looked at the dreadful corruption of modern culture, aided and abetted by the "research" interests of the pharmaceutical industry, and labeled this disaster an international "conspiracy against life." Maybe our comfortable populace is not willing to face that, but pro-lifers and all men of good will should be worried about such powerful interests teaming up against life.

For example, in 1997 when Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics exposed the atrocious selling of baby parts from American abortion clinics, some of us were shocked, but the vested interests of politics and business conspired to make the issue go away from the public view, and according to Life Dynamics, the grisly business keeps on functioning in our country as we speak.

From an international perspective, the situation in Eastern Europe paints a vivid picture of a depraved new world. Eastern Europe is generally poor and the governments and police are easily corrupted by the hundreds of millions of dollars wielded by the "high-tech cannibals" - i.e., the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and organ transplant industries. These enterprises require huge and increasing amounts of human tissue and eggs for their research, their surgical procedures, and their cosmetics. Since there is a vast amount of quick money to be made, conscienceless individuals tend to flock to these industries to take advantage of the situation.

Last year, my colleague, Dr. Brian Clowes, wrote about the Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Barbados where rich American and English women travel to spend $25,000 for a "treatment" consisting of having liquified unborn babies' tissues injected into their bodies so that they can feel "refreshed" and have their libidos enhanced. [See Sidebar.] The report noted that the director of the institute was a Ukrainian "doctor" with some nebulous credentials emblazoned in bizarre diplomas hanging on the wall. Now we've found that the situation is even worse than we thought. Last month, the BBC revealed that maternity hospitals in Ukraine are taking newborn babies from their impoverished mothers and murdering them for their organs. A team of Council of Europe investigators found that the babies had been completely dismembered and mutilated - their internal organs had been ransacked, their brains had been removed, and even their arms and legs had been cut off and sucked dry of their marrow. And all of this was done without the benefit of anesthesia! Believe me, it's true, I've seen the footage of the poor victims of this evil.

But this is not all. Eastern and Southern Europe have become a biological circus of horrors. Romanian women are enticed into donating their eggs in exchange for a sum of money equal to a month's salary. They are then virtually enslaved, fed powerful drugs, and harvested repeatedly until they are paralyzed. In Athens too, police recently shut down an operation where blond-haired, blue-eyed women were paid to be inseminated by equally Aryan-type men. The women then gave their babies to rich Westerners, and received their reward - they were either forced into prostitution or murdered. Surely these atrocities come as no surprise to those of us who have been fighting the culture of death at close quarters. Our societies have been slipping down the moral slope one small step at a time until now, it seems, we have reached the bottom, and the evil seems to be spreading.

Conspiracy theorists are sometimes right, but in the face of this massive coordinated assault on life let's not lose hope! Our response to this or any evil is always the same: together with principled action, we pray and fast. The Lord said that these are the only things that drive out such deeply-rooted demons, and so we must call all men of good will to unite in offering our prayers and sacrifices for the protection of life from the evils that threaten it from all sides.