Enough is Enough!

Thomas J. Euteneuer
Volume 01, Number 31
Sept. 1, 2006
Reproduced with Permission
Human Life International

I have to admit frankly that the recent blessing given by President Bush to the interim FDA commissioner on the Plan B pill is a mystery to me. Apparently he is blind to the holocaust he has just unleashed.

He very forthrightly said last week that he "agreed with" Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach's rotten logic that this drug should be sold over the counter, and that immediately became government policy. Von Eschenbach's total cave in to abortion-extreme Senators Hillary Clinton and Patty Murray was what they call in politics, a trade-off; worldly power and prestige in exchange for millions of dead babies.

We've had entirely too many of those trade-offs in American politics in the last 33 years, and enough is enough! We are at a point in our nation's history where we will never change the abortion status quo unless we have real pro-lifers to lead us.

But President Bush's embarrassing compromise is unfortunately typical of what some politicians hold to be a valid pro-life position. Being against some forms of surgical abortion is good in itself but minimalistic: it's really only an anti-abortion position not a fully pro-life one. Unless one is willing to defend all human beings from the moment of conception (fertilization), one is only partially pro-life.

Thanks to the FDA maybe now we can ask all so-called "pro-life" politicians whether their pro-life convictions lead them to defend human beings who are days, perhaps even hours, old. President Bush obviously doesn't believe that life begins at conception; or if he does, that is not a principle he is willing to defend. Outside of being terribly disappointing, that is another example of our cultural and political schizophrenia when it comes to abortion. Just recently he vetoed stem cell legislation to protect human embryos, and weeks later he gave permission for the wholesale destruction of embryos by "emergency contraception." It makes no sense.

We have to be clear about Plan B: it is a death pill. There are media campaigns to convince the public that this is a contraceptive, but Plan B is an abortion-causing drug, and on Barr's own website, it lists as one of its three functions the prevention of the fertilized egg from implanting. Plan B, is a bringer of death through its chemical assault on newly-conceived children in the womb, and it is a solicitor of death for every promiscuous teenager or twenty-something who will think that it's the quick-fix pill for his or her "mistake." Those who say that this pill will reduce the number of abortions and make young people more responsible toward sexual activity are just liars. Don't forget that the rule permits men to buy the pill for their sex partners, so really, this just gives male predators another way to cover up their crimes with younger women and girls.

I said two weeks ago that Dr. von Eschenbach has shown his real colors. Well, President Bush has shown his real colors too, and they're not pretty. Enough is enough. If the President and his handlers can't make certain fundamental distinctions about life and put the very few principles they have left above this kind of wretched tampering with lives and health, it's time to stop pretending that this administration is "pro-life."