Getting Behind the Bush Stem Cell Veto

Thomas J. Euteneuer
July 21, 2006
Reproduced with Permission

The very first presidential veto this past Wednesday was just right: with it, President Bush stopped the congressional rampage to lavish more money on those who conduct immoral research on embryonic human beings. His veto told turn-coat politicians like Senator Frist, a sponsor of the immoral legislation, that American taxpayer money is not to be used to fund the destruction of any more human beings - period.

As I stood in the East Wing of the White House watching President Bush dismantle Frist's folly, I prayed that this was the beginning of a full counter-attack on the culture of death. The President wasn't doing this for votes to get re-elected, and he probably had more to lose than to gain in public perception by this veto, so this one seemed to come from the depth of his personal convictions about the sanctity of life. The American public has been unable to make the fundamental distinctions that the President made with his veto, and from his bully pulpit he took the opportunity to educate the American public about life and death. We need that.

For example, he said that children who were on stage behind him that day were not "spare parts" like the Democrats and the bio-tech industry seem to think. He also said that the bill "crosses a moral boundary" that our "decent society needs to respect" and from which it would be difficult to turn back. He said that we can't go down the road of taking one life to save another but rather that science needs to resist the temptation to "manipulate human life and violate human dignity." Marvelous pro-life language! We never heard that kind of talk from abortionist-in-chief Bill Clinton who never met a temptation he could resist.

While even this principled action may fall short of the total combat we need to get America back on track defending life from the moment of fertilization, nevertheless President Bush's veto went a long way to getting us there. He was ahead of the American public on this one, and I for one want to encourage all our readers to take the Bush lateral and run with it. What we really need to do is to educate our politicians and our neighbors that killing innocents in any form is simply an abomination. If we are to be true to our pro-life principles, we need to advocate a total ban on any type of experimentation on human embryos and with it, a total ban on abortion. We need to fight for the whole package. At the very least, let's make sure everyone knows that "embryonic stem cell" research is just another form of killing, a distinction totally lost on most Americans.

At the same time let's pray for President Bush and for our whole country. Prayer together with such principled action as the President exhibited this week will eventually turn the tide in the direction of life.