HPV Vaccine - Hate To Say "I Told You So"

Thomas J. Euteneuer
July 07, 2006
Reproduced with Permission

Several weeks ago I wrote about the potential for the agents of the culture of death to make the ambiguously-beneficial HPV vaccine into a mandatory element of disease protection for children. While the vaccine may in some instances help women from getting cervical cancer, it is being promoted disingenuously as "protection" much the same way that condoms are promoted as "safe/safer" sex. The subterfuge is that it will protect some while at the same time give the rest of our promiscuous society a false sense of security thereby doing nothing to address the real reasons these deadly diseases spread: human behaviors. False perceptions about safety in life-and-death issues never help anyone, especially the vulnerable young.

When I said that this vaccine will inevitably be imposed upon us and our children whether we like it or not, I was not being facetious. The culture of death is a totalitarian regime that wields power through governmental and non-governmental structures, and it marches forward without ever consulting us. Here I hate to say "I told you so" about this vaccine being imposed upon us, but I told you so. I just didn't think the promoters of this vaccine would make my point so quickly.

Months ago the adamantly totalitarian Center for Disease Control (CDC) unleashed its 15-member Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to study this HPV vaccine, and last week said Advisory Committee voted to recommend that girls as young as nine-year-olds be given the HPV vaccine. Imagine that, nine-year-old girls getting shots to protect them from a sexually transmitted disease!

They stipulated that the three-shot regimen should be given as a routine matter to 11-12 year old girls and that all young women should be vaccinated by the age of 26, sexually active or not. Just to be safe they added that women should also make sure they get pap smears regularly.

There it is: vaccinated sex. The layer-upon-layer of sexual backups turns human intimacy into a mechanistic pastime like a video game with delete protection. To make sure that no woman ever gets cancer from sex, females must now vaccinate at nine, re-vaccinate sometime before twenty and make sure they get their license for sex validated at Planned Parenthood before passing "go." But this kind of degradation of human sexuality is totally avoidable when one has something called morality, a foreign concept at the CDC and Planned Parenthood to be sure.

It is not a law—yet—but it is an infallible recommendation of the Advisory Committee to their comrades at the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services and can be expected to go from a "recommendation" to an "expectation" to a "requirement" in due course. This one 15-vote dictate was ratified at breakneck speed and is not to be taken lightly, especially if you are a parent.

I constantly tell all men and women of good will something that Jesus Himself did not hesitate to blister into the consciences of an "evil and faithless generation:" it's time to wake up. The poisoned tentacles of the culture of death already reach very deeply into our families and they are pushing farther. When drugs substitute for formation in human values and moral integrity, we are dangerously close to a chaos that becomes the breeding ground of men and women with totalitarian ambitions for your kids.