HPV Vaccine - The Chemical Condom

Thomas J. Euteneuer
June 23, 2006
Reproduced with Permission

Last week I began to address the problem of the HPV vaccine as a tool of the culture of death. This week we need to address the "mental culture" that the vaccine fosters. This vaccine perpetuates the mendacious "safe sex" culture that underscores the sexual revolution and has wrought such havoc on our kids. If we fall for this HPV vaccine and its false doctrine of "protection" we can expect the worst aspects of the sexual revolution to be with us for another generation at least.

Here is what I mean. Imagine the attitude of our grandparents' generation toward a vaccine that supposedly protected people from the negative effects of promiscuity. They would have laughed it out of the laboratory. To the first generation that embraced this medical phenomenon, vaccines were a protection against diseases that one did not bring on oneself! There was another way to handle diseases that people inflicted on themselves - it was called morality. In other words, behavior-based transmission of a disease always requires a behavior-based solution which will not be taught by the promoters of this vaccine - as it is still not taught by the purveyors of condoms.

Just as in some individual acts with a condom, disease and pregnancy will be prevented, so also with the vaccine some women will be protected from one type of sexually transmitted disease. Several questions follow from this observation:

First, what protection will women have from the other thirty STDs that don't have vaccines and any one or more of which may be communicated in the very same HPV-protected act? Is every child to be pumped with thirty vaccines to "protect" them from all disease? Even if this were possible does our already sexually-debased society need this further degradation of human sexuality? If it is not possible, then why are we pretending that this vaccine makes people "safe"? The total climate of transmission is still toxic even if this vaccine effectively protects from one disease.

Second, what happens when/if the vaccine fails? We don't know if this vaccine will do what it purports to do. Because of the nature of inoculating any population, it will take thirty years to find it out if it actually works. If the vaccine eventually fails - like the condom - should we say that it makes women "safer" from HPV? In the meantime Merck stands to make billions with this new regimen to replace the billions lost by their Vioxx fiasco. Are we to trust the makers of Vioxx? Also, did Merck tell you that your kids will need three injections to receive this vaccine and that they'll need boosters in the future? I didn't think so.

Third, the mental attitude behind this vaccine is that kids "will do it anyway and we need to protect them." It is this attitude that is behind the promotion of condoms as a "protection" against STDs, but even the casual observe must be aware that this ethic has been a total disaster for our condomized culture. Promoting a piece of technology as a solution to an epidemic of behavior-based diseases is a lot easier than the hard work of teaching young people human values. Fifteen million people a year get these diseases in the US alone while our healthcare professionals and educators are teaching them to protect themselves. Giving our kids another unreliable safety net only foments the "mental culture" of "safe sex" that leads to the behaviors enabling the transmission of these diseases.

There is one sure way to prevent all 30 types of sexually transmitted diseases and their consequences - abstain from sex before marriage, marry an uninfected partner and don't commit adultery while married. If parents, healthcare professionals and educators are not willing to unite behind this revolutionary moral message we will just have to expect more victims of the sexual revolution.