Roe vs. Roa

Thomas J. Euteneuer
March 24, 2006
Reproduced with Permission

There is a great irony going on in Latin America. Tomorrow, March 25th at least nine Latin American nations will be celebrating what has become for them an official holiday, the Day of the Unborn Child (celebrated in Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador). There are various versions of this feast in the differing cultures, but the fact of the matter is that the largely-Catholic Hispanic countries recognize by such holidays the dignity of the child in the womb. Impressively, no country in Latin American except Communist Cuba and Puerto Rico which is governed by American abortion law has legalized abortion. In fact, several countries like Argentina, Chile and El Salvador even have protection for human life "from the moment of conception" written into their national constitutions.

The irony, however, is that, although unborn human life is memorialized in law and culture in Latin America, the abortion lobby is advancing like a black menace into that fertile Catholic soil. As you read this piece, the Columbian Constitutional Court (their Supreme Court) is considering a petition to generally legalize abortion for the first time in the history of that continent. However this would not be the first time that the abortionists in Colombia have tried to legalize baby-killing. Our HLI affiliate there has rallied a pro-life coalition to stop abortion legislation at least nine times in the past thirty years! Now, however, the extreme feminists have taken a page out of the American abortionist manual and decided to go through unelected judges to impose death on their poor children. The case is imminent and the threat is real.

The other irony of course is that as the United States reconsiders Roe, South America is heading toward its own watershed abortion moment. The woman who is spearheading this effort is ironically-named Monica Roa, and she is working for a radical feminist group called Women’s Link Worldwide, based in New York. This is really a case of Roe vs. Roa, and we have a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters south of the border to stave off what we already know would be utter disaster for their cultures.

Friends, if Colombia falls, the Latin American pro-life dam will be definitively breached—and the destruction will be enormous. With Fidel Castro-style leftists recently elected in Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay and a card-carrying communist in power in Venezuela, one Hispanic country after another will fall to the abortion onslaught. This is a mortal combat, and we need your help!

Pedro Cardinal Rubiano, Archbishop of Bogotá, has issued a worldwide call for prayer that the Colombian Constitutional Court, leaning to the side of the abortion lobby, will not cave in to their demands and make Colombia the first pro-life domino to fall in Latin America: "The future, not only of Colombia, but of all of Latin America is at stake," he tells us.

Join HLI and our collaborators in prayer every day for this most important need to stop the onslaught of Roa, the Latin American Roe.