Nothing will be Denied Him

Thomas J. Euteneuer
March 17, 2006
Reproduced with Permission

When the Lord Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father accompanied by the mightiest angels in all their glory, a simple, humble man emerged from the multitude of redeemed souls to greet his Lord with deepest joy. As he approached the throne of grace all the angels and souls reverently formed a passage for the man to come into the LordÕs presence.

"My son," said the man, "how is your mother?"

"My dear father!" replied the Lord of heaven and earth, "How long I have waited in the valley of tears to see you again! My labors are now over, the kingdom of darkness is vanquished, and we are reunited. You who fed, bathed and clothed my body on earth in your authority as father must now come up higher and take your place as master of my mystical body, the Church. When Mother arrives in due time, we will reign as a family once again! I promise that nothing will be withheld from you who held nothing back from me in your earthly life. Welcome into the joy of our Father's kingdom!"

And Joseph bowed and kissed his Son with the same fatherly tenderness as on the day he first laid eyes on his newborn Child in Bethlehem.

I don't believe that there is any way to calculate Our Lord's love for his earthly father - the word "infinite" does not quite capture its breadth. Nor can we begin to estimate the reverence that the Queen of Angels has for her earthly spouse. Both Jesus and Mary spent the prime years of their earthly lives at his sideÑbeing served by him - and will open our eyes to the virtue of this man if we seek to know him better.

It is Joseph's discerning strength that we need after all, isn't it? We beg for an adequate mentor to overcome life's innumerable challenges and temptations. We need a spiritual Rock of Gibraltar to shore up our flagging spirits. We are striving to make it to the very end of this journey through the valley of tears and we need a strong companion, one who is familiar with the role of protective guide on a long journey.

Who of us could deny any request of a father who sacrificed his livelihood, his career ambitions and the best years of his life to form us and make us who we are today? Jesus witnessed the mature obedience of Joseph to the will of His heavenly Father and therefore knows that Joseph's intercession for us will always be in perfect conformity with God's plan of salvation. He knows that Joseph will teach us, guide us and strengthen our vocations just as he did for the Divine Son of God. This is another way of saying that anything Joseph asks from Jesus on our behalf will not be denied.

When it comes to our devotion to St. Joseph, we only lack one thing: we don't ask enough!