The Da Vinci Mess: Introduction

Thomas J. Euteneuer
March 04, 2006
Reproduced with Permission

The latest offensive of Dan Brown's anti-Catholic nonsense called The Da Vinci Code will assault our public consciousness on May 19th when the Da Vinci movie opens. The seductive book has already sold over thirty-five million copies! Assuredly the movie version will be much more dangerous to our nation's already-challenged spiritual state because movies have much more power to persuade. Those who are easily attracted by Hollywood glitter may fall prey to its clever lies, and judging from the extraordinary notoriety of the book it is clear that many Catholics and Protestants have already caved in to its propaganda. As a shepherd, I must offer a priestly response so that no more souls will be snared by the Da Vinci net.

And just so no one is unclear about my opinion regarding this book/movie, I am asking everyone to completely reject this work in all its forms. Do not buy the book, do not go to see the movie, and do not even protest the movie when it comes out. That will only fuel its notoriety. I am perfectly aware of the value of a well-organized public protest when necessary, but some things are better off ignored, and this is one of them. Anti-Catholic bigots do not need our assistance in promoting their movie! (Note: I bought my copy of The DaVinci Code at a used book store so that Brown wouldn't financially benefit from my critique.)

While there are many negatives to point out, I will limit my critique of the The DaVinci Code to three areas, each of which will be featured in separate Spirit and Life e-newsletters. Let me briefly summarize:

Part I (next week): Dan Brown uses his work as a forum to promote a glorified version of an overtly satanic ritual; he calls it hieros gamos ("sacred marriage" to him) and claims it is a form of holy celebration of fertility which the wicked Catholic Church has suppressed for two millennia; you need to know the difference.

Part II (April): The anti-Catholic nastiness of this book is palpable; Brown expresses it through blatant revisionism of church history, perverse use of Catholic images and outright lies when necessary; our enemies, said Msgr. Ronald Knox, will use any stick to beat the Church with, and Brown deliberately plays on common misconceptions of Catholicism knowing that he will fuel divisions in the ranks of Christianity.

Part III (early May): The worst hypocrisy of the book is its exaltation of the "divine feminine" along with its totally insipid female characters; the leading lady is a useful air-headed parrot for Brown's propaganda, and the only other female character is the mysterious "wife" who is depicted in the book quite unflatteringly as kind of a corpulent sacred prostitute. So much for the "divine" feminine.

I am giving you advanced warning not to bother wasting your time on this movie when it comes out; you may, however, have to give some explanation to the misguided Catholics and Protestants who fall prey to its wiles, and I hope at least to provide you with a few good reasons to dump this whole project in the trash.