Who loves you?

Frank Enderle
Epiphany B
Reproduced with Permission

This Sunday we commemorate the day on which, more than twenty centuries ago, the Incarnate Word was made known to humanity. The word epiphany means "manifestation." This feast not only "manifests" to us that Jesus Christ, being God, became man, it also teaches us what we, as Christians, should already know: that Christ is the epiphany - the manifestation of God-among-us.

Today we celebrate the adoration of the Child Jesus by the Wise Men who came from the East. These important people were indeed wise men who, according to Saint Matthew, came from countries that were far from Jerusalem. Their goal was to reach the Holy City, to talk to the Jewish authorities, and afterwards to continue their journey to pay homage to the newborn child, the King of the Jews. In those times, besides the enormous distance, the roads were not like the ones we have today. They were dangerous and difficult. Yet all that they had to go through during the long journey did not matter to them. They were called by God from their countries of origin and guided by a star until they reached Bethlehem. There they received the reward for their arduous trip. They saw and adored the King of heaven and earth.

When the Wise Men found the Child God they were overjoyed. They did not seem to be surprised about finding Him lying in a manger in a stable. Nor did they seem to care. They did not have a preconceived idea of who this King they were looking for would be. For them the important thing was to follow the light of the star and reach their goal. This shows us that, besides being important and wise men, they were men of faith.

Our faith should also guide us to encounter the Child Jesus. Just as it was difficult for the Wise Men to encounter the Lord, it is also sometimes difficult for us to encounter Him. But, even so, we must try to do so. We know that there are others how have no interest in seeking Him, much less, in finding Him. There are people, even many who say they are Christians, who during these Christmas holidays prefer to turn their backs on God as they are caught up in the hubbub of stores, parties, and everything that the world has to offer. We, Christians, should follow the example of the Wise Men of the East. We should be women tenacious in our faith and people of good will.

I know that this is a time of year when we make New Years resolutions. So let me take a moment to recommend something to you. Let us all resolve to take some time, during this year that just began, to meditate on the mystery of the Incarnation of Christ. I really do think that if we concentrate on the fact that God thought enough of us to take on a human nature in the womb of the Virgin Mary, that God thinks so much of each and every one of us that He wanted to become one of us in order to redeem us, then maybe we will see the enormity of the love He has for us. And that, my brothers and sisters, should be enough brighten this New Year for us.

May our Most Beloved Mother, the Virgin Mary, enlighten our minds and guide our steps, so that we may encounter and follow her Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.