Homosexuality and Hoax Hate Crimes

Brian Clowes
September 1, 2020
Reproduced with Permission
Human Life International

The real reason for hate crime laws is not the defense of human beings from crime. There are already laws against that... The real reason for the invention of hate crimes was the emergence of special interest groups which need boutique legislation to raise funds for their large staffs and luxurious buildings. ~~Homosexual writer Andrew Sullivan.1

Every parent knows that they will see more of a certain type of behavior in their children if they reward it.

In the United States, we reward victimhood - lavishly.

This mentality has become so ingrained that if some people have a grievance that they do not believe is being addressed to their satisfaction, they actually victimize themselves - by perpetrating hoax hate crimes.

Investigator Laird Wilcox has been collecting information on hoax hate crimes since the early 1990s. In his 1997 book The Watchdogs , he criticized the "industry" of such groups "whose identity and livelihood depend upon growth and expansion of their particular kind of victimization." He singled out for special attention groups whose income depends upon keeping their constituencies in a continuous state of fear, naming specifically the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, Political Research Associates and the Center for Democratic Renewal.

Nearly two decades later, we can add to this list numerous homosexual groups, including GLAAD, ACT-UP, P-FLAG, the Human Rights Campaign, the Equality Federation, the Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, and dozens of others, whose combined income exceeds a billion dollars a year.2 The very survival of these groups depends upon their convincing the nation that homosexuals are helpless victims in need of constant help and protection.

The Truth about Homosexual "Victims"

Perhaps the most common lament of the garden-variety homophile activist revolves around a supposed tidal wave of anti-gay hate crimes occurring in the United States. Then the press unthinkingly adds to this perception by parroting the claim that hate crimes are increasing at an astronomical rate.

If the media would just take the time to check the statistics, however, they would find that the reality surrounding "hate crimes" is far different from what the propagandists would have us all believe.

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is required to investigate all hate crimes, and it publishes a very detailed report entitled Hate Crimes Statistics every year, which provides fascinating insights into the controversy.3

From 2000 to 2013, there were an average of 1,193 hate crimes committed against homosexuals annually in the United States. The number of hate crimes against homosexuals is actually decreasing, not increasing. According to the FBI, the number of hate crimes against homosexuals has decreased 6% , from 1,257 in 2001 to 1,187 in 2013, despite a 9% increase in the nation's population.4

Meanwhile, the numbers reported by homosexual activist groups are always much higher than those of the FBI. As one example, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) is the source quoted most by the media, and it exaggerated the number of hate crimes committed against homosexuals in the United States by 740% in 2013.5 This may not be dishonesty; the NCAVP most certainly uses a more - shall we charitably say - expansive definition of the term "hate crime."

The FBI statistics lead to some other very interesting conclusions.

The probability of any individual homosexual being the victim of a hate crime during his or her entire life span is about 1.5%. In other words, only one in 66 homosexuals are ever victims of hate crimes.4 Remember, though, that homosexual activists don't go by FBI definitions, or by any definition, for that matter; they go by their feelings only . In other words, if their feelings are hurt, or even if they see something they disapprove of, they consider themselves the victim of a "hate crime." They think that having an anti-special rights bumper sticker on one's car is a hate crime, and they even believe that wearing a T-shirt that supports natural marriage is a hate crime.6

This was evident as long ago as the ballot measure fights in Oregon in the early 1990s. The Lesbian Community Project alleged that 972 hate crimes were committed against Oregon homosexuals in 1992; the Oregon Department of Justice tallied only 95. The LCP refused to allow reporters to examine its back-up documents and even lied about the murder of two homosexuals that had previously been investigated and found to be committed due to a case of mistaken identity.7

This is why homophile statistics are so much larger than those of the FBI - the great majority of what homosexuals call "hate crimes" aren't really hate crimes at all.

Additionally, homosexuals are slightly more likely to commit hate crimes against "straights" than "straights" are to commit hate crimes against "gays." According to the FBI, there are 3.99 hate crimes committed by each million heterosexuals annually against homosexuals annually, and there are 4.23 hate crimes committed by each million homosexuals annually against heterosexuals, about 6% more.4

Violence against homosexuals gets ample press coverage, but it is interesting to note that a large percentage of violence against homosexuals is committed by other "gays." The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs is the leading tracker of violence against American "gays." According to its statistics, 73 homosexuals were murdered because of "hatred" during the time period 2011 to 2013.8 During the same time period, the NCAVP found that 61 homosexuals were murdered by other homosexuals, meaning that homosexuals are endangered by other homosexuals almost as much as they are by "homophobes."9 In fact, a number of studies have shown that "intimate partner violence" among homosexuals is dramatically higher than it is among heterosexuals.10

Hoax Hate Crimes

My study of these hoaxes found that their most common motivations are to gain political advantage, to cover up other crimes (such as arson and insurance fraud), and to explain injuries clumsily sustained while drunk or stoned.

The reaction of the homosexual "community" to these hoaxes is also very interesting. In almost all of these cases, homophiles excused the perpetrator as being "well-intentioned" or engaging in a "cry for help," and the activists usually demand that no punishment be imposed on the hoaxer. In fact, there are no consequences whatsoever to the hoaxer in the majority of cases, regardless of motivation or the degree of physical or psychological damage caused to other people.

Of course, if a conservative activist staged a hoax hate crime against himself and blamed homosexuals, they would demand the harshest punishment possible.

Some of these hoaxes have been used to enact draconian "hate crimes" laws that suppress free speech and good-faith opposition in Canada and France, just as false victimhood stories have been used all over the world to enact abortion on demand.

The culture of victimhood is so ingrained in the homosexual activist's mentality that even questioning the validity of these hoaxes leads to immediate shouts of homophobia. As Denise de Percin, a board member of the Colorado Anti-Violence Project said:

When the first thing we hear from police is that they are publicly questioning what happened, it has a huge effect in communities like LGBT people and people of color, who already often don't think of the police as their allies. It simply reinforces the idea that "Yes, they really don't care about us," and that can keep people from reporting crimes.11


Community organizer Saul Alinsky was the first to describe the "moby," a tactic that homosexuals have used in attempts to discredit pro-family activists. Rather than lying about incidents that happen to individual homosexuals, a moby is a lie about incidents that allegedly targets "gays" in general.

One of Alinsky's biographers described the tactic:

He [Alinsky] told them, instead, to go hear the speech dressed up as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and whenever Bush said something in defense of the Vietnam War, they should cheer and wave placards, reading "The K.K.K. supports Bush." And that is what the students did with very successful, attention-getting results.12

In other words, some activists dishonestly represent themselves as members of their pro-family opposition, and then act in a manner that will make pro-family people look hateful or just plain backwards and ignorant. Some examples:

  1. At one gay pride rally, some people stood on the sidelines and held large signs reading "DESTROY THE COMPUTER!!!: A homosexual invention by Alan Turing. Who Cares if He Cracked the German Enigma Code and Won World War II. It's a Homo's Devil Machine!!!" People immediately spread this photo all over the Internet until someone pointed out that one of the women in it was also carrying a "gay pride" rainbow flag and wearing a button that said "I agree with the SJC" (the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, which had just legalized homosexual "marriage").
  2. In 2013, homosexual activists widely distributed a poster featuring two hanging nooses and the caption "The Solution to Gay Marriage! From your friends at the National Organization for Marriage."
  3. Around the same time, homophiles distributed a poster bearing the logo of the Republican Party, and which says "Are You a Republican that Hates Gays and Taxes? Why Not Hate Both at the Same Time? Call Your Republican Congressman and Tell Him to Ban Gays from Paying Taxes. That Gay Money Goes to Your Schools, Roads and Military AND TURNS THEM GAY!"
  4. Homophiles have been lying about their opponents for decades. During Oregon's vicious fight over Ballot Measure 9, which would have prohibited the government from promoting homosexuality, they distributed posters that read "Vote Yes on Measure 9! Death camps to exterminate gays and lesbians will create jobs for normal people! Pervert patrols means paid work for you ! A vote for Measure 9 is a vote for economic recovery!"
  5. Another poster distributed by homophiles showed a photo of mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. It said "FREE Jeffrey Dahmer! (all he did was kill homosexuals). Our Hero .... Fight perversion However You Can," and was attributed to the Oregon Citizens Alliance, which sponsored the ballot measure. When the OCA complained about this filthy tactic, another homophile put up hoax posters allegedly signed by the OCA offering $1,000 for the murder of the original hoaxer (a photograph of his dead body was required for payment).

These "mobies" were ignored by the press, of course, which would have suffered apoplexy had any conservatives produced a poster that, say, featured the logo of a prominent homophile group and advertised a meeting where homosexuals taught their peers how to entice five-year-olds into having sex.

The Conclusion

Homosexual activist groups often grossly inflate statistics, and there have been many examples of hoax hate crimes perpetrated in order to gain public sympathy and support, especially during political campaigns. Pro-family activists should question all statistical claims made by such activists, because their numbers are often false. In fact, the actual documented hate crimes figures are insufficient to elicit the desired degree of sympathy from the general public.

If a hate crime against homosexuals is reported locally, particularly during a political campaign, we should all examine the facts with a critical eye. Homosexual activists have cried "WOLF!" far too many times to be given the automatic credibility they crave.