The Progeny of Violence

Judie Brown
September 22, 2023
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

In Matthew 26:52 Christ instructs His disciples: "All who draw the sword will die by the sword."

Today the selection of swords can be a challenging task for those who strike out against Truth and His wisdom, as the following examples will illustrate. For those who are faint of heart, this commentary could raise your blood pressure.

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki leads the way with her contrary comments on pregnancy and children prior to birth. She opines that the preborn child is akin to misidentifying broccoli by calling it candy.

She presses that point, assailing Republicans who want to rebrand their position on abortion as pro-baby rather than pro-life. She says, "It is hard to roll out an effective rebrand for a product that customers hate."

Her comparison of pregnancy to a vegetable is exactly the sort of result one expects in this era of brutality toward the preborn parading as freedom of choice.

Planned Parenthood fell into the same category years ago. Most recently its abortion business in Wisconsin was temporarily put on hold. But now it is back in the killing business after a Dane County judge said an 1849 law "doesn't use the term 'abortion' so the law only prohibits attacking a woman in an attempt to kill her unborn child." That is, if the expectant mother does not wish to be a mother, her consent is all the abortionist needs.

As if that were not enough for Planned Parenthood to sate its bloodthirsty appetite, its chatbot Charley is at work helping expectant mothers line up their appointments with death. This digital chatbot "will provide users with information about different abortion care methods, nearby clinics, accessing abortion pills and referrals to support services." Imagine going online to get the details a mother thinks she needs to help her kill her baby. Another product of the deadly era in which we live!

Today's brazen abortion culture knows no bounds. As proof of this, let's look at a recent story. Theodore Roummel is an 88-year-old abortionist who struck a peaceful pro-life protester with his car recently. Though the pro-lifer is hospitalized, Roummel is not being charged with a crime because a ! Female Judge Elian E. H. Fichtner clearly agreed with the abortionist's attorney, who argued that pro-life protester Mark Zimmerman was breaking the law by blocking access to the facility!

This is another example of the twisted thinking created in this culture of violence and disregard for the Lord and His will.

We are living in a time when the media reports on state lawmakers seeking not to protect preborn children from slaughter, but rather to merely "update" abortion laws! How does one do that except when one is blind to truth?

Every abortion kills somebody and maims her mother physically, psychologically, spiritually or, God forbid, in every way. But when abortion is just a word, those in power rarely view it as an actual act with deadly results. They see instead an issue that people can debate, vote on, or simply talk about but rarely in a positive way. Most of the talk, as indicated by the reports above, surround women who have rights and then disregard the rights of their doomed preborn children.

Most disturbing perhaps is the talk of politicians, slithery as eels and stealthy as mountain lions.

No matter where the opinion makers are, they seem to agree that promoting such dreadful progeny of the violence of abortion is their duty. And so it is obvious that violence begets violence.

We can change that; we are changing that by our witness, our prayers, our voices, and our actions. As the beautiful hymn says, "We are one in Christ." The victory is His, the work is ours.