A Really Weird Week

Judie Brown
July 14, 2023
Reproduced with Permission
American Life League

A confluence of events is rarely an accident, and I think this week has been deadlier than most for the souls of our children - born and preborn.

The strangeness of the following headline speaks to exactly what I mean. It reads: "A 45-Year-Old Got Pregnant in a State with a Ban on Abortions. She Flew Across the Country to Get One." This story is so bizarre that the woman asked CNN to withhold her last name. Her words, "From the moment of discovering that I was pregnant at age 45 to actually having to have to take time off work, travel across the country, do a meeting with a doctor, and then take the pills and then skedaddle back home and then go to work like nothing had happened," were used by CNN to contribute to a narrative that there should be no laws that impinge on the act of killing babies before they are born.

And then there is the report that tells the reader "how abortion bans will strain an already failing foster [care] system," as though killing people will help families care for children who have, for whatever reason, a need to live with parents who are not their own. It provokes the reader to ask why our nation is not doing more for those who reach out to sacrifice for others by caring for children who need a home. But instead we read about how much better things would be if those kids simply were never born.

As Emily Berger, an attorney with Equal Justice Works, said, "What the Dobbs decision has done is [that] it has continued to show that the government does not care about women who are trying to raise families."

Who knew that killing one's children was part of helping folks raise their families?

While you consider the weirdness of that comment, think about the Minnesota teens who received gift cards from Planned Parenthood for a "sex ed summer camp." And Planned Parenthood Southeast is offering kids that same camp as a virtual experience. From middle school forward, children can learn from "highly skilled health educators are here to provide non-judgemental [sic], medically-accurate sex education to youth that will equip them with tools to make informed choices and understand their bodies."

Just imagine allowing your adolescent to attend a summer camp online or in person where sex is the main topic. The fact that such a thing exists at all is frightening given the freedom so many parents give their children these days. The word weird seems understated for sure.

Whether it is aborting children or brainwashing them, it would seem that Planned Parenthood is still at work stealing souls. That is one of the terms made famous by our own dearly-departed pro-life leader Jim Sedlak. Four years ago, in an article entitled "Planned Parenthood Steals Souls" he wrote, "If you have a Planned Parenthood presence in your community, or if you hear that Planned Parenthood wants to come to your community, you must fight against the organization. The souls of your children are in danger."

Those few words mean more during this weird week than ever before. Children are created in the image and likeness of God. Without us consistently teaching this truth, every week is going to be a weird week, and it will only get worse.

Save the children; save their souls.